Book Talk: 2022 Reading Challenge

I LOVE to read and by love I mean when I pick up a book I go all in. I tend to immerse myself pretty deep in the story when I pick up a book. It's like an escape from everyday life (which everyone needs an escape now and then) and it just so happens this escape is completely affordable. I can pick up a book and go on an amazing journey with the characters (you'll see very quickly I prefer fiction) Read More »»

February Reads & Divergent Trilogy Giveaway #ReadingChallenge

Wow, can you believe it's been another month in the 2014 Reading Challenge. This month, I didn't get to read as much as I had hoped, due to work travel and getting so sick. I did get to read a few books though, and today I am going to share those with you. If you've read them I would love to hear your thoughts, but if not, then take time to check them out! I completed two books this month...The Read More »»

January Reads & Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway #ReadingChallenge

It's the last day in January and about mid-month, I decided to start a reading challenge for this year. I am inviting all my readers to join in this challenge through the year. I love to read and I love to find new books to read, which is why the 2014 Reading Challenge came to be. Reading is a way for me to take a moment for me, in my busy life, I don't do a lot for myself, but taking a few Read More »»