Cancer Is Pissing Me Off

The bright smile, the joy in his eyes.  A true all American boy.  A life lived in faith and trust in God.  You look at him and know he has everything ahead of him.  Graduation, Prom, College, a Career, Family.  For Ian Lockwood these things will never happen because he was a life taken too young. Most of you know my feelings of hatred toward cancer  and this doesn't help the matter.  I wonder why Read More »»

A Daily Dose in The News! Me…A Local Celebrity??

As you may recall a few weeks ago I mentioned I was going to be on the news.  The local news was doing a segment on little ole' me!  I was worried about looking like a HUGE DORK, well thank heavens for editing!  I actually looked pulled together and not near as nervous as I feared!  The news team made me look good and sometimes that can be a big task.  Come on we know how all over the place Read More »»