In The Blink of An Eye

That's my daughter, the only girl and the baby of the family. In less than a week, the school year will end, and that will be it. I will have no more elementary schoolers. Tonight we go to her 6th-grade orientation, and it is just one step closer to her being an official middle schooler. Then I thought of my boys (who are very picky about letting me take their photos) and got to thinking I am Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: My Past

Happy WW to ya! Yes this is my past, me as a newborn (when I actually looked like the half Italian I am), as a prissy toddler in a wedding and as a growing girl. I loved foo foo dresses if you can't tell and if I had is my way today I would still find reason to dress up. It's fun and makes me feel super pretty, but I might look a little strange wearing a formal dress to do my grocery Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Wasn’t She Just This?

And now she is in kindergarten WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know I know you were expecting that picture huh (the first day of kindergarten). Not quite yet, come back next week for that. I just had to reflect for this WW. Now link up your WW below! Read More »»