Throwing Our Hands Up in Surrender So God Can Move

Do you ever have days, weeks, months or even a year where things just don’t go according to plan? Yeah, that about sums up my 2016. To be honest, I wanted to give up plenty of times this past year. 2016 was a doozy. My work slowed, we had hospitalizations, scary situations; the list could go on and on.

It seemed it was the year of “Let’s see how much Toni can take before she crumbles.”  Most of the time you wouldn’t know anything was happening because I am the one who always has a smile on her face. Well, until I am in a bath and then I can mask the tears with the splash of water on my face. I don’t like to bother other people too much with my problems; I figure they are my problems so why should I make someone else listen to them.

Sometimes that even went so far as to not wanting to go to God, I mean there are many other things in the world that God needs to focus on right? Well, yesterday I read a study that sparked a thought in my mind about Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes (post to come soon). I was reminded that I am important to him and so I just threw my hands up in surrender because you know what, I just can’t do it on my own and God doesn’t want me (or you) to do it on our own.

In the moment of surrender, God reminded me that the motion of surrender is also the action of worship and that sometimes we have just to throw our hands up (even if it’s in frustration) because when we do something breaks in us. We are surrendering whatever it is weighing us down, and at that moment we can turn our cries of pain (hurt, worry, fear, etc.) into cries of worship. When we surrender we are emptying ourselves of, well, ourselves and our situations and making room for God and his situation for our lives.

So, today, go ahead and throw your hands up in surrender! It’s okay, in fact, it is probably just what you need! I know I did. Surrender your cares, your worries, your fears, surrender it all to Him!

Surrender your heart to God,
turn to him in prayer

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    I definitely needed to read this right now. Thanks for the reminder that I need to surrender to God, even when I feel like He doesn’t want to be bothered with little ole’ me.

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