Summer Is Coming: Cover Your Camp Needs With Label Daddy Labels

Well you all remember this post, where I declared my immense love for Label Daddy Labels right (if not skidattle on over there and read it). I must say they have impressed me again. A few weeks ago when I was browsing their site (as I do quite often I must say….shhhh don’t tell, it’s on the verge of looking like a stalker) I saw their new Camp Combo Pack.

Like a kid on Christmas I got super excited. Last year my son went to camp for the first time and these would have been perfect. However I was living in my sheltered life and had never heard of Label Daddy *gasp* I know it’s so bad to admit that isn’t it. Anyway, back to the point….these would have come in so very handy.

The camp pack includes:
(6 different sizes)

4 Luggage bag labels

60 shirt tag labels

40 small labels

16 medium labels

10 shoe labels

22 mini shoe labels

Holy mother of labels, I could pack my sons entire room and be set and still have leftover. Okay that may be stretching it a tad but not much. This is any parent’s dream when letting their child go to camp, whether it be for a week or the whole summer.

You will always rest knowing they aren’t dealing with Grubby McGrubberson trying to snatch your child’s things. I really hope the counselors don’t let that happen but I am sure it is bound to even if by accident. So you can be sure what is on my “to get” list.

Well just after I figure out if he is for sure going to camp this year. If not we will be going the sports label route. It’s a toss up between football and camp. I have my cons to both of course, but let’s not get into my over protectiveness. Sometimes it’s hard being a mom but with Label Daddy Labels, no matter what my child decides to do we can be sure they will have their things and not someone else’s.

You get to customize them to look you want, in fact why not get your child to help you design them so they will have a part in the process. Choosing colors, fonts, and icons make these labels fun for your child all the while helping you to keep their stuff safe when gone to camp. Who knows they may be so proud of the design they made that they will want to put all the labels on their stuff by themselves. And anything that makes us have one less job is totally worth it right!

So head over to Label Daddy and check out all the camp pack and well if your child isn’t going to camp then check out something else. Don’t forget to check out the Label Daddy Blog as well, go on and follow them to keep up with the latest news and giveaways they have going on. You know you want to so go, hurry up before it’s too late! Okay so it won’t be too late but I have always wanted to say that. Registered & Protected

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    I need more labels, thanks for the link. 🙂

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    Congrats toni on your Roll Over Puppy Win! That was fun!

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