Staying In Las Vegas Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

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Sometimes its seem impossible to find a nice hotel at an affordable price, especially in vacation destinations like Las Vegas.   You may see a hotel that is a five-star suite style hotel and automatically rule it out. That shouldn’t be the case, because shopping around will make sure you find just what you want and stay in your price range. Depending on the season, hotel prices can be drastically more or drastically less than what you might think. If it is your goal to stay at a finer hotel, try traveling during the off season where you can sometimes upgrade and spend less than you were expecting.

Thanks to it being such a big tourist area, hotels and resorts are very competitive in Las Vegas, so finding a good deal can very well happen with ease.  When searching for a place to stay be sure to compare prices, amenities, rooms, restaurants and shopping, and outdoor facilities before booking.  You want to make sure you meet all your needs and wants so your trip is perfect.  Las Vegas is such a beautiful city to vacation in, with beautiful lights, shows to catch and food choices galore.

The Paris Las Vegas is a beautiful, luxurious hotel that mirrors architecture of the city of Love, allowing guests to feel they are in the beautiful city of Paris. The detailed architecture of the hotel, mirrors Paris in many ways. The hotel is located in the desert of Las Vegas and is a spa resort. This four star hotel is popular with guests and has received high ratings from past guests quite often.

Most of the guests also enjoy the aesthetics of The Paris Las Vegas. There are many shops throughout the hotel, maintaining a Paris theme, so guests can do their entire souvenir shopping or personal shopping without leaving the hotel.

Some hotels only offer room service during particular times of the day, the Paris Las Vegas features 24-hour room service throughout the day. This is an ideal accommodation for those who are keeping late night schedules from seeing the sites, having a drink with friends, or taking in a late show.

You can find great deals on that hotel and many others in Las Vegas through the various travel websites. You do not have to settle for less than what you want, or sacrifice any accommodations. However, you may have to alter the time that you go. One you settle on a travel site, start by reading all the reviews, first, so that there are no surprises. Type in the date that you want to arrive, and key in your check-out date to see the room availability and prices, have a few backup dates that you are able to go so you can price compare dates. Once you decide on the time you can go, and the price, get to booking  your room and have the vacation of a lifetime.

A word of caution, though: Some weeks and weekends are busier than others, so travelers are encouraged to book their hotel room as early as possible. And whenever you find a deal, don’t wait for a better deal to come around. Prices fluctuate on many of the travel sites, so it’s best to book your stay as soon as you find something you like, on the dates you want,  and is within your price range.  What are some of your vacation booking tips??

**This is a partnered guest post**

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    I use kayak all the time for booking my hotel rooms. My husband and I love using it!!

    I recently found a fun new website that does the same thing but for vacation rentals too!!

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    I love Vegas!

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    vegas is very affordable if you don’t gamble and a great place to visit too

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    There are so many great places to stay here that do not cost a fortune.

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    Vegas is so funny, hotel/casinos are EVERYWHERE- I used to drive past three on my way to high school every day.

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    There are so many great places to stay here in Las Vegas.

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    We will go one day!!

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    Vegas sounds cool, but it will probably be quite some time before I get there.

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