Seint Pineapple and Pink Lemonade Lip & Cheek + Blend Brush #BeautifullyConfidentWithToni

Seint Pineapple Lip and Cheek Color

Today’s haul is a mini Seint haul. I ordered their blend brush, which I had been eyeing for a while, plus two of their limited lip and cheek colors (Seint Pineapple & Pink Lemonade). Here’s the video of the items in this mini haul!

The Seint Blend Brush!


How to use Seint’s Blend Brush:


The blend brush has a tapered, more fluffy end and a rounded, more dense end. The tapered end is perfect for applying a soft, more natural touch of your favorite lip and cheek color to your cheeks, as well as applying a hint of illuminator on those areas you want to catch all the light! The smaller, more dense end is the end you’ll want to use when applying your brightening highlight and blending it out, in all those places you want to brighten up! The blend brush is the brush you will want to grab if you are looking to blur your makeup for that natural finish!

You can grab your Blend Brush for $40 (USD) alone or as part of the brush collection!

The other two items I grabbed were two of Seint’s limited-time lip & cheek colors: pineapple and pink lemonade.

Seint pink lemonade lip and cheek

Pink Lemonade Lip & Cheek



This color is one of Seint’s satin lip/cheek colors. Because this color is highly pigmented, be sure to start with a very light application and build as needed. True to its name, it’s a pink matte color. Pink lemonade was their July shade of the month, therefore, it is no longer available. If you would like something similar, grab pink grapefruit!

Pineapple Lip & Cheek


This color is part of the gloss line and it is sheer yellow that is surprisingly beautiful on the lips and cheek. Honestly, I was a bit scared of yellow, but it is just sheer enough to take that scare factor out (for me, at least). You can always build up, to a more dramatic look! This is one of my favorite cheek colors if I am being honest!

You can pair the Seint pineapple color with tangerine and cherry, on the cheeks, to create an amazing ombre look. To create the ombre look, place pineapple on the apple of your cheek, followed by cherry and then tangerine as you go up toward your temple. Seint Pineapple lip and cheek is one of the limited edition items so once they sell out of stock, it will be no more.

This is your PSA to grab any shade of the month or limited edition items as soon as you can so you don’t miss out! I am serious y’all, if it’s a color you have even a passing thought that you would like GRAB IT NOW! Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you wait!

Shop the items featured in today’s video here

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