Big Hero 6 Premiere, Dancing Celebs, & Kevin Coster..An Epic L.A. Disney Adventure! #BigHero6Event #ABCTVEvent

Big Hero 6 Event

There are days that are great and then there are days that are AWESOME, as in getting sprinkled with some of the most epic fairy dust one could be sprinkled with!  That fairy dust comes in the form of an epic L.A. Adventure that includes walking a red carpet, getting a sneak peek of upcoming shows, touring show sets, putting my dancing shoes on, and interviewing celebrities over the course of a 4 day/3 night trip!  I have had this little secret for a few weeks now, but wanted to wait and announce when we got our itinerary, so you could see exactly why you should follow along!  What exactly will the trip consist of…glad you asked.  Here is a breakdown of the fun adventure that awaits!

McFarland, USA

Day 1 (11/2):  Most of this day is for travel and arrival to one of my favorite places, Los Angeles!  We will arrive and enjoy a bit of downtime in our hotel before heading to Walt Disney Studios in Burbank.  At this point we will get to have an exclusive (and very early) screening of McFarland, USA…a movie, starring Kevin Costner, that is slated to hit theaters 2/22/2014.  After our screening it’s time to head back to our hotel to get some much needed rest for a super busy next few days! #BigHero6Event

ABC TV Shows

Day 2 (11/3) is a jam packed day, but one I am SUPER EXCITED about.  We head back to Walt Disney Studios for a day of interviews, show screenings, and more!  We will start the day off screening an upcoming episode of the hysterical show ‘black-ish.  If you haven’t watched an episode of this…you must, I have cracked up at each one! Not only will we be screening the show, we will get to have a Q&A session, and a set tour!!!  At that point, we will head to lunch where we will get to screen two episodes of “Galavant” which is said to be a mix of The Princess Bride and Glee, followed by a Q&A session with the producer, composer, and lyricist!

As if all that isn’t enough, we will hurry back to our hotel and get ready to head to Dancing With The Stars!  Our group will get to take a photo on the ballroom floor, where you see the celebs and their dancing partners dancing across during the show!  Then, we will do some audience warm-ups and even have a chance to shake our groove things on the dance floor!  So, be sure to tape next weeks episode and if you see a blue, sparkly dress that’s me!  Following the taping we will head to dinner at Planet Dailies and Mixology 101 (where dancing stars like to visit). #ABCTVEvent #blackishABC #Galavant #DWTS

Big Hero 6 and Agent Carter

Day 3 (11/4) is another jam packed day.  Starting the day off being introduced to the new show “Agent Carter” through a Q&A session, at Walt Disney Studios.  After, we will get to head on set and see some costumes from the upcoming show.   As you know, we are big Marvel fans, so this one is super exciting to me too!  My boys and husband, are in fact, a bit jealous!  We will then meet the star of the show, Haylet Atwell, and get to watch some filming!  Then we head back to our hotel to get ready to walk the red carpet, for the Big Hero 6 premiere!!!  We will head to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for a cocktail reception, then head to the El Capitan, to walk the red carpet and screen Big Hero 6 and Feast the animated short!  After our premiere, we will head to Yamashiro for the Big Hero 6 after party!!  Then it’s time for bed, as the final day is full from start to finish!  #ABCTVEvent #AgentCarter #BigHero6Event

Day 4 (11/5)  is the Big Hero 6 press day.  We will interview directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, along with producer Roy Conli.  Then we will sit down with Jamie Chung, who voices GoGoTomago and Genesis Rodriguez, who voices Honey Lemon, and then interview FEAST director Patrick Osborne and producer, Kristina Reed!  After those interviews we will get to break into groups where we will try our hand at drawing a character from Big Hero 6, do a voice over of one of the characters, and learn all about Big Hero 6 joining the Disney Infinity family!  Then it’s time for bloggers to start heading  home…though I’ll be sticking around the area until 12:10 (OMG I am going to be a zombie when I get home…but so worth it). #BigHero6Event

This adventure is going to be easy to follow along, simply follow me on Twitter (@ToniPatton) and Instagram (@ToniPatton) and search the corresponding hashtags mentioned above!  If you have any questions you would like asked during the interviews please leave them in a comment here or tweet them to me and I’ll do my best to get them in there.

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