Weekly Diary: It Was Quiet Around Here Last Week, With Good Reason!

I decided once a week it would be fun to do a weekly diary, probably on the weekends, sharing all that happened through the week with our fun family. The posts may have photos and video, and they may have just words (like this post). It’s just a fun little way to give you some insight into our lives.

My blog may have seemed like it shut down, last week, and I guess you could say it did. I was gone, with my family, for a week of fun in Galveston, Texas. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and her husband’s family (and all their friends) all live in Galveston. They usually come down here in the summer, but we decided it would be fun to visit them on their home front this year. It was the best decision we made so far this season (the entire 11 days they’ve been out of school LOL). So we drove all night Friday to get there Saturday morning (6/4/16). Let me rephrase that; my husband drove all night because he is awesome like that.

When we arrived in Galveston, it was a bit scary because the streets were flooded badly. We were finally able to find a road we could make it down and made it to his mom’s house. It’s adorable by the way. The electricity was out, so after catching a few minute nap, we headed to his sister’s house. We enjoyed Shipley’s Donuts for breakfast (seriously their kolaches and cinnamon crumb cake donuts are AWESOME)! We took it pretty easy on Saturday because we were all zonked from traveling overnight. However, we did take the time to get on the water, once the weather cleared up. All of us (except my middle, who is funny about any water that isn’t in a pool) took turns paddleboarding around. That night we enjoyed dinner from a fantastic cajun bistro in Galveston called Leo’s

That evening we enjoyed dinner from an excellent cajun bistro in Galveston called Leo’s. Let me just go ahead and say if you are ever in the area you MUST grab some food from Leo’s! I’ll go into more detail about the restaurant when I do my “Things To Do In Galveston” post. Just trust me when I say it was delicious! The rest of the time we spent alternating between fun on the water and doing some activities through the town.

We got to spend a couple of days at Moody Gardens, a couple of days at Schlitterbahn, we went to Jumping World and The Main Event. We had such a good time, and it was just what our family needed. To get away and spend time with family we only get to see once or twice a year. It was so nice to go and enjoy their element. My sister-in-law makes the best guacamole (I need to get that recipe), so we enjoyed fajitas and tacos for a few dinners. We also finally tried Wing Stop for the very first time! We will be visiting our local Wing Stop soon. We hung around and watched some movies, caught up on The Bachelorette and just really had a wonderful time making memories.

Our final night there we visited The Spot, it’s a great burger joint (that sells more than just burgers in case you aren’t a burger fan) and took a drive down the island to see the Pier all lit up. The day we left to head home we enjoyed Shipley’s one last time, I mean it’s a kolache for goodness sakes and then departed to get back to reality. We hadn’t been on a family vacation in a few years (unless you count travel soccer as a family vacation), so it was nice to get away. We made some wonderful memories, and we can’t wait to go back during our Christmas vacation! A huge thank you to our family who were so hospitable they made the vacation more than we could imagine. There are no words that can adequately describe how grateful we are!

I hope you all had a fantastic week as well! Keep a watch on the blog this week because I have an AMAZING Avocado, Corn, and Tomato salsa recipe I’ll be sharing! It will be a huge hit at your summer happenings! PS you can follow all my travel adventures by following me on Snapchat (ToniPatton) and Instagram!

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