Pray For Your Husband, Why It’s Important To Keep Him Under God’s Covering

Pray for your spouse

When God gave me my husband, he truly gave me a blessing beyond more than I would ever have thought to ask for. It’s funny how God knows what’s best for us, even when we don’t. Because I treasure this amazing man I have, I want to make sure to keep him covered in prayer and truthfully prayer is something that is lacking in so many marriages. In fact, let’s just get real for a minute before I continue, my husband and I need to get in the Word together and pray together rather than just in our own time with God, but that’s another important post for another day!

We want the best for the ones we love, right? So, just like you hope they keep you covered in prayer, so we should be doing the same for them!

Why you should pray for your husband

So that his relationship with Christ will be first in his life and a close relationship! How can a spouse be a spiritual leader in a house if his relationship with Christ isn’t solidified and growing? So lift him up in prayer, that his longing for God will grow with each new day. That his relationship with God will go to new levels with each moment that passes!

So that he will be the husband and father Christ has called him to be. I want my husband to be a good husband and father, and sometimes that means I need to pray over those areas. Areas so he doesn’t get complacent or forget that his family needs his affection. If I am not getting affection or affirming words from my husband, it takes its toll on me emotionally and it’s the same with our kids. So I am always praying that God allows my husband to be affectionate in actions and words.

Pray for your husband to be blessed at whatever he puts his hands to. When your husband is a son of God, he is blessed and highly favored. Pray those blessings to be released and that he will have favor in his workplace. That his efforts will be seen. While it may not mean a raise or promotion in the instant you pray, I truly believe when we cover our spouse with Gods word and our prayers it will open the doors that need to be opened and close the doors that need to be closed for our spouses to advance in the workplace. In the way that God has planned (not our plans and timing, but Gods)

Pray for them to have peace (or at least mine does). You rarely know anything is bothering him. Most husbands tend to seem like they have it all together, but worries plague them just like they do us wives. Pray that God will help them have peace about whatever situation may be bothering them. It could be something at work, their appearance, something to do with their children or extended family. They like to keep it all together for the rest of the household, so it’s especially important for us to ask God to give them peace. I don’t know about you, but I am all about getting all the peace I can get!

There are so many reasons to pray for your husband, but the main reason you should be praying for him is that you want to see him grow with Christ, to become the man God has called him to be. We want to keep the enemy from attacking him, for our husbands to stay strong, to be the man that God has called them to be. To be the spiritual leader in our homes and example for our child. Why pray for your husband? Because you love him so much, you want to keep him spiritually covered every day of his life!

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    Very well written! I pray for my husband by myself, from time to time, but not in depth. Because of your post, I just said a prayer for him asking for opportunities, blessings, favor, and peace.
    Me and my husband do pray together every night before I leave for work. We take turns each night. We pray about our upcoming days and request healing and favor on other people.