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There is a show you can be sure is playing on a daily basis in our home…Liv and Maddie. I have to admit, I love it just as much as the kids and when we had the chance to not only go on set, but chat with the cast I was super excited about it. Dove Cameron takes on the role of twins Liv and Maddie in the show, so of course we wanted to know if she ever got confused playing different parts.

“I was so petrified because the Twin thing, just sort of happened. They were like, by the way, you’re going to be playing Twins, we’ll see you on Monday. I thought, Ha Ha, I’m gonna get fired, I’m gonna lose my job, they’re gonna choose somebody else.” I was so scared to get it wrong that I severely over compensated. But as for confusing who I am supposed to be playing during scenes, I’ve never gotten confused.”

The actors who play Liv and Maddie’s parents said the first time they saw her play both Liv and Maddie they were in awe. They said it was amazing seeing her talk to herself and really switch personas, because at first it was not meant to be a twin show.


Disney Channel, I assume, is such an amazing thing to be a part of, but did they all have the goal of actually making it with Disney from the get go?

DOVE: I think secretly Disney Channel is kind of the goal for every young Actor. You grow up watching it, it’s in your home.

TENZING: With Disney Channel, there are the Shows and all the Casts are kids that are our age. The parts aren’t as plenty with other networks. For instance, you see an NBC Pilot that has all Adults and if you’re lucky, one of them will have a son that comes in every once in a while. So when you’re a young Actor, you’re mostly auditioning for Disney/Nickelodeon, and the other parts very rarely come up. Really, Disney/Nickelodeon is kind of something that everybody goes out for and some people are right for it and some people go on and do other things. Some people come here and settle down, while others come here and move on. I think it’s a great thing for us to have gotten into, especially at this age.

KALI: I’m still star struck to be here.

BENJAMIN: Disney Channel was always on in my house when I was little, so being here is amazing to me. It’s already 3 Seasons and I still feel like I’ve just started.




Liv and maddie

As we sat and chatted with the actors from Liv and Maddie, they truly acted like a family. We are super excited for “SPARF-a-Rooney,” a special episode of LIV & MADDIE featuring singer/songwriter Andy Grammer, to premiere this Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 9pm on the Disney Channel. So, set your DVRs and until then here is a sneak peek of the upcoming epsidode!

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    My daughter LOVES this show! It still blows my mind that both people are played by the same girl!

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