New Crystal Light Mocktails

What? A mocktail by Crystal Light? Why yes, it sure is. I will freely admit I don’t do alcoholic drinks. I don’t like the taste of any alcohol (yes even those sweet dessert wines). If I drink the flavor of the alcohol has to be totally masked so I may as well save myself the money and get mocktails (or virgin drinks) when I go out. What about at home though? If I want non-alcoholic margarita, mojito, bellini, pomtini or appletini I would still need all the ingredients and that can cost a pretty penny. In comes Crystal Light!

Mocktails have now become easier than ever to make. All you need is a 2 quart container, water and your choice of Crystal Light Mocktails. It’s so easy to make and takes less than a minute, saving money and time is a win/win to me. Check out how simple making a mocktail for yourself can be…

  1. Pour one packet of Crystal Light Mocktail into a 2 quart container.
  2. Add 8 cups cold water and mix
  3. Pour and enjoy!  (although if your water isn’t cold enough let it sit in the fridge for a bit to cool down).

I tried both the pomtini and peach bellini.  Both tasted so yummy. I preferred the pomtini flavor which surprised me because I love peach flavor drinks.  I love the ease of preparation and know these will be a regular in our home, especially during the spring/summer seasons.  Perfect to sip on a hot day!

Crystal Light mocktails are available in five flavors.  Margarita, Mojito and Appletini as well as two limited edition flavors that will be available April-June 2012 while supplies last.  Each flavor is available in multi-pack canisters with 5 packets each (1 flavor per canister).  Each flavor contains just 5 calories per serving (8 oz.), 0 carbohydrates and are gluten free.  For more information on nutrition facts please check the container.  Along with their new mocktails they have several other flavors to choose from as well as on the go single serving packets.

To connect and learn more about Crystal Light mocktails as well as their other products join them on Crystal Light’s facebook or follow @CrystalLight on twitter.  Have you tried Crystal Light’s mocktails or will you be trying this now that it is warming up?

Kraft Foods sent me a sample of Pomtini and Peach Bellini Mocktails.

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  1. 1

    I love the Appletini flavor!

  2. 2

    I can’t wait to try the Peach Bellini!

  3. 3

    Love Crystal Light when I’m looking for a little more that just water.

  4. 4

    Oh thses look great for the summer!

  5. 5

    Those definitely look interesting!

  6. 6

    Those look so good. You’re making me wish I had some right now

  7. 7

    I saw these on the Celebrity Apprentice. I’ll look for them in the store to check calories and sugar amounts. I have to watch my calories and sugar intake closely.

  8. 8

    We have some of the margarita ones at home. Would love to try the pomtini ones though!

  9. 9

    oh oh these look yummy must try them

  10. 10

    I saw these the other day and almost bought one, now I will!

  11. 11

    I saw these on the Apprentice the other night. yummy!!

  12. 12

    I want to try the pomtini.

  13. 13

    I don’t drink either and these look really good!

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