Movies, Movie & More Movies. Which Ones Will You Be Seeing?

movie talkOver the coming months there are some movies coming out that are at the top of my (or my kids) to see list. Starting as early as this weekend the theater is going to be a popular hangout for use, especially with the launch of Red Carpet Mama!

As I continue to move entertainment talk over there I will still post occasionally here so my readers here don’t miss all this fun hitting theaters. Of course you will want to head over to Red Carpet Mama and subscribe so I as slowly take entertainment off here and put it over there you don’t miss anything. However here is a round up of some upcoming movies we are anxiously awaiting.

John Carter (3/9):
Disney Movies

Marvel’s The Avengers (5/4):
Disney Movies




Brave (6/22):
Brave Movie

Frankenweenie (10/5):
Disney Movie




Will you be heading to the theater to see any of the above movies or do you have others on your list?

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  1. 1

    I usually wait till they come out on dvd

  2. 2

    I’m definitely going to see all of those movies but most will probably have to wait until they’re on DVD or On Demand just because we don’t really have a babysitter we can ask to watch our little dude so we can’t do date nights anymore. I miss going to the movies though, it used to be weekly for us, and these movies all look so good!

  3. 3

    Looking forward to all those movies! Just got to see John Carter – I was happily entertained!

  4. 4

    Tell you what…..any movie is better than the vow. I wish I could erase that movie from my memory.

    • 5

      LOL I actually liked it, but then I love a good romance movie.

      • 6

        That movie was so agrivating. It was more about her finding herself and her quarl between $$$ vs Art than true love. Blah!!! I wish we actually saw them fall in love. We never saw them actually get to know each other…..instead it was “making a baby” to “let’s start over”. I felt so jipped in the end. We saw a good man character totally devoted BUT that was it for me!

  5. 7

    I can’t wait until Brave comes out. Zoe is super excited

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