Mothers Day Gift Ideas, Think Outside The Box

outside the box

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it is time for those clichéd presents and gestures.  Maybe, you want to try something different this year– here are a few ideas that will put a smile on Moms face this Mothers Day.

When finding the perfect gift, think of something that you would totally gift yourself. Your mom spends so much time working to keep you happy, so make sure she is pampered on this special day. Flowers, chocolates, and cards have been done to death; try one of these ideas for a change:

Queen For A Day
Make sure she takes the day off and relaxes, while you spoil her with some luxury indulgences. Book her a day at the spa with some unusually lavish beauty treatments; I know I’d love receiving a chocolate or strawberry pedicure and a peppermint massage. This trend is slowly picking up and salons often offer special packages on Mother’s Day.

If the spa option is too much for you, tell her to sit back and relax, while you cook a scrumptious meal and a yummy dessert. Decorate the food table with some thoughtful items like flowers and candles.

Bake Your Way Into Her Heart
Trust me, you do not have to be a professional to do this one. There are so many easy recipes for desserts, and you can definitely bake her something sweet and sugary on this day. Try out something simple like carrot cake or banana bread with a twist. Decorate the dessert with a warm greeting piped out with some whipped cream. If you are artsy when it comes to desserts, bake a cake she will never forget. Decorate it with creative colors and designs.

If you think you will end up destroying your mum’s kitchen on this special day, skip the DIY idea and resort to getting something ready made like Mother’s Day cakes from a cake boutique.  No mess, just a tasty treat to enjoy.

Decorate Her Garden (or make her one)
If your mom loves greenery, surprise her with a garden transformation. You could do this either in a day’s work (and surprise her), or plan to do the entire garden over a period of a few weeks. Either way, the backyard could  be blooming on Mother’s Day.  Plant her favorite flowers, and design the garden by putting in some aesthetic element. Maybe you can add some decorations to give the her current garden a facelift.

This is probably the most economical present on the list, yet it is the most valuable. You can make her a present brimming with emotions in many ways. You can create a box with 365 ‘memory cards’; one memory for each day in the coming year. Or you can simply create a ‘now and then’ collage for mom.  She will love looking back at the memories!  My personal favorite would be a rare family photo mounted on a simple frame; classic and memorable!

Along with these presents, it’s a great idea to help her do the chores for the whole week. Spoil her by doing the laundry and taking over other household errands. In the end, it is the thought that counts. No amount of money spent on an expensive present can portray your love unless you put in some personal effort. So get to work now and give your mum the best Mother’s Day she has ever had!  What are some gifts you haven given or received on Mother’s Day??

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