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Have you always wanted to be a detective? Solve a crime? Get ready to do just that at Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner. It is one of Orlando’s premiere dinner attractions and really takes dinner show to a whole new level. Offering different shows all the time, you could go several times and not see the same show or actors. As much fun as we had, I would totally love to go back.

My husband and I received complimentary tickets to  Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner and we had no idea what awaited us. Arriving an hour early, was definitely a good tip, because when we got there the line was extremely long to pick up our tickets. My advice go even earlier if you can. If there is no wait, great, get your tickets and sit at the bar until you can go in. Once the time to go into the theater arrives, they will call you by groups and seat you in your assigned seats. Don’t worry, parties that reserve together, sit together. From the moment you enter the theater, you will want to start watching with an eagle eye, as clues can start right from the get go.

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner

We attended Lord Mansfields Fox Hunt.  As we sat down we were given our choice of drink and served our salad as well as bread with a DIVINE butter.  I have no idea what herbs they added to the butter but it was so so yummy, I had to refrain from taking every bit of it for myself.  My husband and I were at at a table with 8 other people who we would work with as the show went on.  As we noshed on bread and salad we got to know the characters and their backgrounds and then *GASP* a murder happened.  Who dunnit?  At this point it was time for main course.  I had the prime rib which was cooked to perfection topped with horseradish and  sides of baked potato and veggies.  My husband had the four cheese lasagna and he raved about his meal as well.

During the main course is when you get to play detective.  After hearing a lot of information and having hysterical audience interaction it’s time for your table to investigate.  Be sure to write down clues as you see/hear them, this comes in handy for this part of the evening.  As a group you have to come up with ONE question to ask, so make it a good one.  Make sure you listen to the other groups as well so you don’t ask the same question twice and you get more information.  Once they come around to your table you ask your question and then you start trying to figure out who the killer was.  Thanks to my husbands keen eye we got it right and got our very own little detective badges.

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I laughed so hard the entire night.   There were kids there with their parents, but there were quite a few adult innuendos that I personally would not want my kids hearing til they are older, so you may want to take that into consideration when going.  It was family friendly in every other way.  The food was great, the cast was hysterical, and the fact we got to interact with them just made it all the more fun.  Next time you are in the Orlando area, make sure to check out Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theater for 2.5 hours of food, fun, crimes, and lots of laughs.  I venture to say you won’t walk away disappointed!

**We were provided with complimentary tickets, through Visit Orlando’s VIP Journalist passport.  All opinions and experiences are my own and honest**

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