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MiMedia Review

I do not like clutter in my house, my car or on my technology. While it’s a bit harder for me to control the clutter in my house and car, thanks to having three children who forget to pick up what they bring out, I can monitor the clutter on my computer, iPhone and tablet thanks to MiMedia!

MiMedia Personal Cloud

MiMedia is a personal cloud to keep not only photos and videos secure, but even better is you can back up documents and music to it so you can have everything important with you no matter which device (iOS and Android based) you are on.

MiMedia Plans

MeMedia has three different plans you can choose from, depending on your storage needs. Their free 10GB plan (be sure to use TheMotherhood code) which is perfect for storing 2500 photos, 125 videos, 2000 songs, or 10,000 documents. The 500GB plan ($7.99 a month or $85.00 annually) allows for 125,000 photos, 6,250 videos, 100,000 songs or 500,000 documents. Of course, if that isn’t enough (or if you are like me and know you will eventually go over because you are a picture and video taking mom) then they have the big daddy plan of all plans. The 1 TB plan ($9.99 monthly or $100 annually) allows you to store 250,000 photos, 12,500 videos, 200,000 songs or 1,000,000 documents!

mimedia sign up

Signup is easy. You either put your information in or use your social channels to sign up. What makes MiMedia different than most storage services is that it will not only save the photos from your devices, but you can allow access for it to download your albums on Facebook. I love this feature because there are times I upload photos to facebook but don’t save them on my phone, now MiMedia will make sure to back those up automatically (if you choose auto) or manually. As you can see in the photo below you can also upload from Dropbox, your device, Flickr and Google +!

Upload to mimedia

Not only can you upload photos and videos *I am going to have to try this with my Facebook Live videos because I always forget to save them* but also documents and music. That means you can access those important papers AND listen to all your music no matter what device you originally had it on. That is something that I love!

MiMedia Storage and More

What is better than my current photo situation is I can quickly make collections. So if I want a group for each child, cheer, my pets, family photos, or whatever else I can do that can easily do that. It makes it easy for if you are looking for a picture of a particular child, event, etc.MiMedia Collections and Drive

You can also organize by month and year. Remember when you took those photos on vacation but you forgot to create a collection for easy finding. No worries just click on the year and scroll or if you know, the month you can get to it even quicker. MiMedia is very user-friendly.

Organize Photos with MiMedia

I have two accounts on my computer, one that is the main account for every day use and has most of the items I use or need. The other is the backup from our old computer, so it has some treasured photos, but I never used to look at them because I was never on that account. Now, with MiMedia I can upload those pictures and they are right in my cloud. Plus, if I want to download I can, and MiMedia makes sure to download in the same quality as the original upload (not like when you try to re-download from Facebook, and it’s not good quality).

Why MiMedia over other cloud storage?

  • First of all the amount of storage you get, for the price is amazing. With my current computer, I only get 5GB of icloud free…MiMedia gives you 10GB!
  • It’s so easy to organize your digital files. The desktop application finds all your photos, videos, music and documents and uploads them to your MiMedia cloud.
  • It’s safe and secure because they are utilizing the highest level of encryption and security available on the market. If you lose your phone, tablet or (gosh forbid), your computer crashes you will have access to all your photos, videos and documents. All you have to do is log-in, and it’s all there ready to be downloaded.
  • You get to choose what content is shared, to whom it is shared with on an item-by-item basis and keep the rest locked away. You can collaborate with friends and family in a private place to create and share your visual stories. Simply invite friends and family to access the MiDrive via email. Those who have access can upload their photos and videos and chat with one another on any device. The customization allows you to create colorful tiles within the drive, add a map to showcase where the content was created; it becomes a digital album amongst those you love!

I have to say I have loved MiMedia and look forward to using it years and years down the road. The creators truly thought of people who love to create and keep memories when they created MiMedia. Be sure to sign up for your free 10GB storage here (use the code TheMotherhood)

MiMedia Giveaway

One winner will win one (1): FREE one year Basic 500GB MiMedia plan (valued at $85.00). *After the first year the winner will have to pay for the 500GB* To enter, use the rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    Winning this would be helpful because I always have to delete photos and videos from my phone before I can take new ones! It would also help me keep my photos organized by topic.

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