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One thing about the mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennesse is they have beautiful scenery….in the form of Lumberjacks.  Lumberjack Feud, a show that boasts itself “for the dads”, is definitely not for dad alone!  Part of our itinerary during Brandcation was a trip to the Lumberjack Feud show.  I fully admit I went in a bit hesitant, how in the world could a show about lumberjacks be entertaining…..oh but it was.  I have not had a show keep my attention…nor almost make me lose my voice like that, since the Bon Jovi concert I went to a few years ago.

Before I headed into the show, I shopped around the Lumberjack Feud store for some goodies and may have gotten a little too into being a moose…

lumberjack feud

Tanya from Mommy Goggles was my sparring partner LOL

lumberjack feud

A little about the Lumberjack Feud show:

This ain’t your ordinary Pigeon Forge Dinner Theatre song and dance show!  The Lumberjack Feud is unlike anything else in town!  With 10 different logging events you will thrill to the professional ESPN timber athletes as they compete in such areas as axe swinging, log rolling, tree climbing, and chainsaw carving action!  And you won’t want to miss seeing the log pulling Draft Horses, the Bears, and high flying TimberDogs.  And we round out our show with gut-bustin’, family-friendly comedy, via emcee Ranger Black, and the crazy antics of Camper Bob.  Lumberjack Feud is more fun because it pulls you into the show by making you a member of either the Dawson or McGraw family!  There is no escaping getting caught up in the enthusiasm of wanting your family to win.  You could even be chosen to climb one of the 55 foot climbing trees against another fan from the crowd; the winner gets a point for their family!

This show truly is like no other dinner show I have ever been too.  Great food, entertaining characters, and hot strong lumberjacks competing against each other definitely makes this one show you don’t want to miss. The competitive side of me came out as I cheered on Team Dawson during the show (we totally won btw).   I laughed throughout the show  thanks to Ranger Black and Camper Bob.  And I screamed to near voice loss, as the lumberjacks on Team Dawson went to work to win the mountain and all it’s lumber!

lumberjack feud

lumberjack feud

During the show the families compete and in the end the winning family gets the mountain.  During the show be sure to cheer your team on because each competition they win, gets them one step closer to victory.  Not to mention every time they win they hand out one of the coveted “cookies” which you can get signed at the end of the show by all your favorite lumberjacks and lumberjills.

The show is so entertaining I almost forgot to eat…almost.  The chicken, ribs, mac & cheese, and other yummy food was brought out in a picnic basket….we have to keep in true lumberjack style you know! However, if you are experiencing other restaurants in the area, there is a show only option.  So eat or don’t, but come watch these lumberjacks chop some wood and climb some trees.  I was amazed at the strength these men had and could definitely say my husband would have enjoyed this “a bit more manly” dinner show.  It’s not all about singing songs and pretty outfits here…this is truly a gruff man style dinner show. Although, us group of women didn’t lose interest in the slightest, I have no idea why….

lumberjack feud

cue wolf whistle

In all seriousness, Lumberjack Feud, is a great show whether you are looking for family entertainment or a girls night out.  A show that will entertain the dad in the family as well as the little ones.  No matter the age or gender, Lumberjack Feud, is definitely a show you will want to make sure you see when you are visiting Pigeon Forge.  I am ready to head back with my family so they can enjoy the show too! YO HO!!!!!!

**Thank you to Lumberjack Feud for inviting us to attend.  All opinions are my own**

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  1. 1

    I’m laughing because when I think of a lumberjack, those are not the kind of men I think of! Eye candy. lol Glad you had such a great time. It really does fun, antlers and all.

  2. 2

    i want some big antlers!

  3. 3

    Well I’d rather have that kind of lumberjack than the old grizzly ones I usually think of.

  4. 4

    This looks like an awesome show and the food looks great!

  5. 5

    It looks like you had a great time.

  6. 6

    That looks like soo much fun!

  7. 7

    I’ve seen a few competitions with lumberjacks, its quite impressive. They have a event where they race up a straight log wearing shoe spikes and a band around their waste. The chopping events are also fun to watch!

  8. 8

    Great pictures! I love the antlers.

  9. 9

    I’ve heard of Pigeon Forge! I would love to attend a lumberjack feud – oh wow! I miss having a truck and chopping wood for the woodstove, I’d love to be out in the country. Sounds like a great time, food and all!!

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