Local Happenings: SUP ~N~ Supper

I have to say I am extremely lucky to live in the Florida pan-handle along the gulf coast.  World’s whitest beaches, beautiful waters and tourist attractions galore.  I love finding things to do locally because you really can’t beat local with the gas prices how they are lately.  I decided I wanted to start a series “Local Happenings” to feature some  of the things to do around these parts.

So welcome to the first of what I hope is many posts at least through the summer.  Summer is definitely a happening time around here.  I live 20 miles from both Pensacola Beach and Destin so those areas are local for me.  What makes a local happening? Something that is within 1 hour of my home.  It’s my blog so I make the rules m’kay.  There is a local happening going on through the summer along the gulf coast is hosted by Innerlight Surf & Skate Shop and area restaurants every Thursday evening (weather permitting of course).  It’s called S’UP ~n~ Supper.

Now if you live around an area with surfers or water sports I am assuming you know what that is, however if you don’t and you are going to be vacationing you have to know the lingo.  Everyone should know what supper is, that meal you eat before bedtime, well unless you eat a snack too, then it’s the next to last meal you eat before bedtime.  SUP in this instances is short for stand up paddle boarding.  Yes, yes I know it’s a shortened form of “What’s Up?” as well but not in this post.

My family and I went this past Thursday for the first time and I absolutely loved it.  For 2 hours (usually around the 5:30-7:30 time frame) Innerlight Surf & Skate Shop gives lessons on SUPing.  Bring your own board if you own one (in which case you probably don’t need the lessons) or use one of the many brought in by the Innerlight Surf & Skate Shop team.

They explain to you how to start, how to get up and how to paddle.  I loved the informative approach they had.  I had never set hand or foot on any kind of board in a very long time so I wasn’t sure what in the world would happen.  I surprised even myself by getting up and not falling once on either try.  Check out my brother and I paddle boarding like pros…


After the paddle boarding is done, you get a cute little iSUP club card and head into the restaurant it’s being held at.  Then you can enjoy a discount on their food.  Sometimes it’s half off the entire menu and other times it’s a select menu at a discounted price.  That night Helen Back Again had half off their pizza’s.  YUM!   The paddle boarding is free of charge and it’s a great family event.  We are going to try to attend the ones close to us through the summer.

If you are living around the Pensacola Beach area or plan on vacationing this is definitely a must attend local happening. Check out Innerlight’s Facebook page each week to find out where that week’s SUP ~n~ Supper will be held, then come on out and enjoy some fun and food.  I’m telling you though, be ready to walk away wanting your very own paddle board, I have not stopped talking about needing one since we went.  Ask my poor husband whose ears are probably bleeding from me talking constantly about my need for a paddle board.

*This post is made possible by my gas and my money so no disclosure needed.  The companies featured are because I wanted to feature them, not because I was asked to.  Just Sayin’.

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    Toni! This looks like SO much fun! I sure wish I lived in FL with you so you can take me around to do fun things like this.

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    We’ve been wanting to make it out to one of these events but haven’t yet. I hope to attend in the next couple weeks. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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    LOVE IT!! Wish I could have been there. Keep paddling mama!!

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    Love it!

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