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I am a lover of books.  I adore reading.  Nothing beats immersing yourself into a good book and escaping reality.  That’s when you know it’s a great book, when you can escape reality and feel as if you are right there in the midst of the story.  When you love reading like I do, you can only imagine the accumulation of books you end up with.

When I travel that’s what keeps me sane, whether it’s the 4 hour plane trip to LA, a night in a hotel winding down after an event, or a bath full of warm water a good book is the perfect accessory to have.  Yes it’s an accessory for me, some people where bring jewelry to accessorize but I bring books.  Okay so that is stretching it a little, but I do always have a book where ever I go, sometimes two or three depending on how long I am going to be gone (fast reader here).  Carrying a book or three on top of my laptop and every camera in my house it makes for a heavy carry on.


In comes Sharper Images Literati.  An eReader that is now my portable library.  With the Literati I now have one thing to carry that gives me thousands of books to read.  So no matter where I am at my books are always at hand.  Okay catch your breath.  Aren’t they beautiful!  Now I did receive one of each color to review and I will preface by saying I much prefer the black and silver due to functionality.  The home, display, menu and back button on the black/silver are at the top of the keypad and much bigger.   Also the arrows and enter button are easier to use due to spacing.  On the white the buttons are smaller and I was always hitting the enter button when I was trying to use the arrows due to sizing of the buttons.

Using Kobo as it’s bookstore (who is partnered with Borders), you can purchase almost any book you want.  With millions of books to choose from the chance you will find what you want to read is pretty good.  Also you can  pick up just where you left off – not only on your Literati, but with Kobo’s free eReading Apps that can be installed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. So when you rush out of the house and forget your literati, no problem, you are sure to have your phone and/or computer with you, so just pick up reading there.

A few more points about the Literati:

  • Has a 7 inch colored display so even children will love reading on this. (No Color on Kindles)
  • Customizable to your needs, with font and size changes to make less strain for your eyes.  As well as regular black/white text, sepia or night reading (no more book light).
  • Comes with 25 pre-loaded classics such as Alice In Wonderland, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and 125 more free books to choose from.  Not to mention a library of 2.2 million to buy, so you are sure to find the book you want.
  • Built in wireless bookstore for one touch purchasing so you have virtually no delay in starting to read that book you wanted from when you purchase it.  Not to mention that means you don’t have to scour the stores trying to find that book.
  • A free case ($30 value) to keep your Literati safe and sound.
  • Navigation buttons as well as turn page buttons (these are hit and miss for me, sometimes they work wonderfully and others they are too sensitive or I have to touch it 2/3 times before the page turns)

Over all I have enjoyed the Literati.  Though it has frozen up on me a few times (the black/silver) but that was easily fixed with a soft reset (keeping all my books in tact).   It’s definitely something I will be using for a long time.  Perfect for my trips as well as for my kids on trips when we are in the car or at grandparents houses, we don’t have to bring all the books from their shelves, we just grab our Literati and off we go.  Definitely saves the sanity when boredom arises and space when packing!

If you are looking for that last minute gift to give this holiday season, definitely consider the Literati.  Whether for someone who likes to cook (no more hundreds of cookbooks taking up space), to keep the kids entertained on road trips, or to pass the time when you are traveling and don’t want to lug a heavy bag, the Literati is a great idea.

Check this list of retailers who carry the Literati so you can give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Disclosure: “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of The SharperImage and received a Literati eReader to facilitate my review.  Thoughts are as always that of my own and honest.  Views are not influenced in anyway by reception of product and no other form of compensation was received for this review.”

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