Just A Few IMPORTANT Reasons You Should Have Life Insurance

No one likes to think about death, but the fact is, it will happen. While I plan on living for a few hundred years, of course, one day I will pass peacefully in my sleep. Okay so I can’t plan on living that long or the way I die but I can plan for my family to be taken care of if something happens to me. Today I want to share with you reasons why I think it’s important to have life insurance on yourself, your spouse and even your kids. Life insurance isn’t just about you, it’s about the ones you love to.

  1. You can’t predict the future. You don’t know what will happen. This is an obvious one I imagine, but one that doesn’t seem to light a fire under us.  We always think we have tomorrow and so we will “just do it tomorrow” but that’s not the case.  No one person is guaranteed tomorrow so it’s important to take care of important matters today.
  2. You have a family history of disease.  It could be cancer, heart problems, or something else.  If your family, for generations, is known to have health problems you will want to make sure everything is covered for both you and them should you be affected by the same disease.
  3. You will set an example for your children.  Sure as parents we tell our children what to do but isn’t it so much better if they learn by your example.  We want to make sure our kids have the things they need in life when they get older, if they see you get and know the importance of life insurance they will pass that on to generations to come.  Set the example!
  4. Make sure your loved ones are taken care of.  If you are the sold provider and something happens what will your family do.  Or if you are a stay at home parent and something happens to you how will your spouse be able to work and take care of the kids?  Life insurance can provide peace of mind for the ones you love and make sure they are taken care of.
  5. Cover expenses.  Not only is death something that is painful for loved ones to endure but the expenses involved are not small .  Life insurance can help or fully (depending on coverage) cover funeral experience when a loved one passes.  It’s difficult enough to have to deal with the loss of a loved one, help it be a little easier financially on them.

Life insurance is something that all families should have, it’s not fun to think about death but it’s so much better to be prepared. Have you looked into life insurance for yourself, spouse or kids?

*Life Insurance information in this post brought to you by Genworth Financial. All thoughts are my own and always honest. For more on my policies please see my disclosure in the PR Friendly area.

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    I used to work for a life insurance salesman…after that, I always preach about the importance of life insurance. If you have a spouse or kids, you NEED IT!

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    My husband has it but I don’t, it’s not something we think about (probably until it’s too late)

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