I Make No Excuses For My Love Of Makeup

It’s true, one of the addictions I have is to make up. Although I guess I should rephrase and say to eyeshadow and lip products. Mascara, foundation, powder, concelear I can pretty much be happy with one or two. Bring on the eyes and lips and the need to have 20, 30, or say 300 different colors sets in. I am not sure if it’s a sickness or just the want to express myself in different colors but I am not happy with one quad of nude colors and one quad of pinks…give me all of them. I just recently ordered three different Coastal Scents palettes from Amazon after seeing one of them featured in a “how to make yourself look like Barbie” video.

*On a side note, the video was quite informative although not useful until a costume party rolls around. I did decide I do love the person behind the video and have subscribed to their YouTube Channel, MichellePhan has some great tutorials. Just sayin’*

Anyhoo, in the video she had a palette that caught my eye and immediately I just had to have it. Since I had been building up Amazon gift cards in my account I decided it was time to treat myself and treat myself I did. Check out my haul:

That is the Coastal Scents 78 Piece Makeup Palette and it has eyeshadows galore along with a few blushes to almost complete your look. Check out some of the bright colors they have! How fun is this going to be.

I also picked up the Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette, Warm lots of warm colors. So day or night you are covered. Smokey eyes, natural look you name it and it seems this palette has it.

Of course I had to grab up the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette it has a lot of bright fun colors I want to play with. In addition to the three palettes above I also picked up the Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette because sometimes we need a little extra help looking our best. Especially when you can’t seem to sleep past 4:30 in the morning, that makes for tired eyes and sometimes dark circles. And if you live or visit the Florida coast you may get a little bit pink from the sun so you want to be able to even that skin tone out, I think this will be great to have on hand.  Now I am just waiting for the Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set to come available, it’s had some great reviews.

I am excited at my little makeup haul and my daughter was equally excited because she got to help me clean out makeup which means she adds to her play makeup.  Makeup and I have a lot of fun, whether eyeshadow or my favorite lip product as featured here, it’s always fun to experiment with your look.  I definitely have a lot of experimenting coming with all these fun colors.  And these would make a great gift for mother’s day if your mom is into makeup!

What about you, do you have a vice (makeup, shoes, purses, books)?

*Please note the above are my affiliate links so if you use them to purchase I get a teensy amount, in other words you will totally be my hero by helping me add to my makeup collection.

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  1. 1

    You’re eyeshadow collection looks like mine. I got the whole set from sephora with tons of colors. I guess you can say I have a make up addiction. Let’s start a support group!

  2. 3
    April Decheine

    Love all the bright colors, I love mixing my eye shadows up!

  3. 4

    Wow! Now that’s a LOT of shadows.

  4. 5

    You sound just like my oldest daughter! She would LOVE those pallets!

  5. 6

    This brand and BH Cosmetics offer such fun colors, but don’t last long for me. However, they’re still fun to use. 🙂

  6. 7

    he he he. I loved it when I was a kid and now I just don’t care for make up

  7. 8

    Wow, I wouldn’t know what to do with all those colors. I have a few brown shades, but your colors are fun!! 🙂

  8. 9

    Oh my goodness!! I want all those colors! I love makeup!! I don’t wear it often, but I love it when I do!!

  9. 10

    I love makeup, especially lip glosses and lipsticks, not a huge eyeshadow fan. I like the natural look and it irritates my eyes.

  10. 11
    Zippy Sandler

    WOW – that’s quite a collection.

  11. 12

    You have a LOT of makeup. Feel free to do mine anytime!

  12. 13

    Holy cow, girl!

  13. 14

    Mine is totally books! Hand downs!

  14. 15

    That’s a lot of make up!!

  15. 16

    WOW Now that’s makeup. NO vice for me. I can’t even think of one thing I have a lot of. I do have a lot of clutter lol

  16. 17

    I do not think I have seen so many different colors!

  17. 18

    Wow – what a lovely collection!

  18. 19

    Mine’s, shoes! I lost count of how many pairs I have. When I clean out my closets (hopefully soon), I’ll try to count them. 🙂 Love the warm palette the best for me.

  19. 20

    Ok, NEED!!

  20. 21

    I love big collections like these!

  21. 22

    Wow, that is a lot of makeup. I think I own one thing of mineral powder and one thing of mineral blush LOL.

  22. 23

    The colors are gorgeous, makeup is really art!

  23. 24

    I saw this in person! It’s a lot of makeup! I should have had you do me up lol.