How Do You ChapStick? {Chapstick PrizePack Giveaway}

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How do you chapstick

I’ve lived in Florida for most of my life. I am always out in the sun and spend as much time at the beach as weather allows. I’ve also lived in Arkansas (for eight years) where it snowed, and we had ice storms. I have experienced every type of weather one could think of. One item that has been a staple no matter which weather condition I am living in is ChapStick.

Chapstick for dry lips

ChapStick is a staple that is on my desk when I am working, in my beach bag, in my gym bag, in my purse, and even in my kids school/sports bags. When I say it is a staple, I mean I will not go anywhere without it. Weather conditions can wreck havoc on your lips, and there is nothing fun about chapped or cracked lips.

With ChapStick, we can keep our lips protected throughout all the seasons of the year. The best part is the product has come quite a ways since I was growing up. The choices were slim; it was pretty much original or well, original flavor. There are even many more formulations since I was a little one using ChapStick! Each of their products has benefits for every lip need!

You can go to the Classic Range for everyday wear (defend that pucker against drying effects). Or the moisturizing line which has more than seven moisturizing ingredients to leave your pout feeling soft and silky. Keep lips in prime condition with the Sun Defense or feel like you are on an island escape with the tropical paradise collection. There is even ChapStick Medicated to soothe pain and seals in moisture while helping to heal severely dry, chapped lips! There is a ChapStick for everyone!

Chapstick for family

Here are the varities I have had a chance to try over the last few weeks:

  • Classic Range: Original, Strawberry, Cherry, and Spearmint varieties
  • Moisturizing Range: Raspberry Crème, Original, Green Apple, and Vanilla Mint varieties
  • Tropical Paradise Collection: Mango Sunrise and Aloha Coconut varieties
  • ChapStick® Sun Defense
  • ChapStick® Medicated

I have to say the Aloha Coconut and Mango Sunrise are my favorites, as well as my daughters favorites. The guys in those definitely prefer the original classic, original moisturizer, and medicated versions! We are gearing up for spring and summer here in the sunshine state, and I will be toting my staple with me wherever I go!

Chapstick Giveaway



Are you ready for the chance to win a prize pack? One winner will receive the Chapstick products featured in today’s post. To enter follow all the instructions in the Gleam form below!  Good luck!

Chapstick Prize Pack Giveaway

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  1. 1

    i want to win because i am always losing my chapstick.

  2. 2

    I am big fan of their products and they work well to keep my lips moisturized.

  3. 3

    I’d love to win because all of my kids and myself suffer from chapped lips!

  4. 4

    I would like to win because this winter has made my lips really dry.

  5. 5

    i would love to win because chapstick is a necessity for me and i always lose it.

  6. 6

    I love the original chapstick and have never tried the other flavors. Would love to try them.

  7. 7

    Who wouldn’t want to win this. We have a family of tweens, and they are always buying Chapstick.

  8. 8

    I want to win this for me and my family. We have chapped and sore lips from the cold and windy weather.

  9. 9

    I want to win because my family uses Chapstick all of the time!

  10. 10

    I’d like to win because I trust Chapstick as a quality brand for my lips. My teen daughters and myself would use the Chapsticks. Thanks.

  11. 11

    I want to win this giveaway because my lips are always chapped.

  12. 12

    I love chapstick and some of the flavors you show I have never seen i the store.

  13. 13

    I want to win so my family can try these different flavors!

  14. 14

    I want to win because the whole family is fighting chapped lips right now. We love Chapstick.

  15. 15

    I’d love to win this Chapstick prize pack, because I’m a fan of the thicker, waxier texture of Chapstick compared to other lip balm brands. I’d also love to try all the different types and flavors that Chapstick offers. I go through a lot of lip balm for myself and my two kids.

  16. 16

    I would love to win this to try Chapstick’s new flavors! It’s been a long time since I used Chapstick brand! The Tropical Paradise Collection sounds wonderful!

  17. 17

    I’m addicted to chapstick! Thanks for feeding my addiction! 🙂

  18. 18

    I would love to win this for my teen age daughter. She loves to go out in the winter and ski and always ends up with chapped lips. I know these would all go to good use and she would just love this.

  19. 19

    I want to win because I love Chapstick,I have one in every room in the house and my desk at work and my purse. Can’t get enough.

  20. 20

    My lips are always chapped and I seem to lose a lot of my chapsticks.

  21. 21

    I would like to win because I love ChapStick but I have not tried a lot of these flavors.

  22. 22

    I want to win because at the end of the day, Chapstick brand is the best quality!

  23. 23
    Holly Caulfield

    I’d love to win because Chapstick provides great protection and relief from the harsh African sun when on my voluntourism trips. Last trip I gave sticks to a little friend with Albinism and she and her parents were most appreciative.

  24. 24
    Eloise Carlson

    I would love to win this giveaway because I LOVE Chapstick products and all of the great varieties that they have. Not to mention, I am almost out of Chapstick! Thanks so very much for the chance!


  25. 25
    Nicole Vosburgh

    We always seem to be going through Chapstick like crazy! I’d love to win this!

  26. 26
    Tiffany Greene Elliott

    I would love to win this Chapstick Prize Pack because Chapstick products are the best! Most importantly my daughters and I suffer from chapped lips so this would help out tremendously! I love the flavors Chapstick has and coming out with new flavors! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  27. 27

    I love chapstick. I am always looking for new ones at the store. I could not live without it

  28. 28

    I want to win because I am a certified Chapstick addict!

  29. 29

    I think my kids take all my chapstick! It disappears quickly in our house.

  30. 30

    I love Chapstick. We are always running out, and it is the only brand that has been reliable to keep my entire family moisturized.

  31. 31
    Trisha Burgess

    I would love this b cause my lips are always chapped!

  32. 32

    Would love to win because with three kids I can never have enough chopstick!!

  33. 33

    I want to win because we could always use more chapstick.

  34. 34
    Jennifer McNulty

    I am always using chapstick I love it and all flavors.

  35. 35
    Cori Westphal

    I’d like this because winters are long here in MN, and hard on our lips!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  36. 36

    I’d love to win because I use chapstick all the time and some variety would be great.

  37. 37
    Virginia Rowell

    I too live in Florida, avid sun lover, and work outside all the time.The whole family keeps lip balm on us at all times. I would love to try the chapstick line and different flavors, I have only used the classic cherry.

  38. 38
    chickie brewer

    I would like to win because my lips are chapped a lot .. I I also prefer this to lipstick.

  39. 39

    I want to win because I use chapstick a lot, especially in the colder months.

  40. 40
    Susan D Genna

    I used to have chapstick holders for my keys. I miss those. I used them so much that they stretched out. I love the minty chapsticks although I own almost all the flavors

  41. 41

    Chapstick is my favorite lip treatment and I use it faithfully, thanks!

  42. 42
    amy guillaume linderman

    i am an avid chapstick collector! pretty much all i use!

  43. 43

    I want to win this because the winter weather has been brutal to my lips.

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