Halloween was fun!


This year Halloween was so much fun because Bella was finally old enough to understand and have a good time trick or treating. We told the kids what to say when someone opened the door (trick or treat), and I got so tickled at Aidan; he did well for the first two houses. Then he got so excited, I guess, knowing that he was going to get candy that for every house after that when the door opened he would say “You give me the candy” in the sweetest voice.

On a side note, he did make sure to thank you each time, so he did have some manners meaning I did something right. As you can tell Gabriel is not with them because this year he was too old or too cool or something, so he went to his friends Halloween party across the street. Unfortunately, I had already spent 40.00 on a costume that he didn’t’ wear and couldn’t return, so should he decide next year to trick or treat at least he has a costume.  Hope all of you guys had a good time just like we did.

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