Florida Prepaid Scholarship Program

This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.

It was very surreal to all of the sudden have a high schooler, a few years ago, but it became even more surreal when the college information starting showing up in the mail. It made me realize just how quickly my guy is growing up. Don’t you wish they could stay little forever? It also made me realize that there is going to be a whole new expense, one that isn’t cheap, but one that’s necessary for my kids to have the best possible future.

Thankfully there is a program that helps make saving for their future education a little bit easier, the Florida Prepaid College Plan. What is it? Glad you asked! The Florida Prepaid College Plan allows us parents, to prepay the college expenses our children will occur at a Florida college. This includes the cost of tuition, dorm housing, and all the required fees. What a great way to prepare for their future! Are they going somewhere outside of the state of Florida for college? No worries, the plan will pay the what it would have at a university or public college in Florida (then you can work on the difference). Open enrollment ends soon (10/23), so hurry up and register them!


As if pre-paying for your child’s education isn’t awesome enough, the Florida Prepaid Scholarship program is going to give away 10 2-year Florida College plans. Right now, Florid residents who register their child or grandchild from the age of birth to 8th grade, by October 23 are eligible to win 2 FREE years of college! I’d say that’s worth registering for! When you register, you will even have the chance to earn extra entries by sharing the information with family and friends so they can enter (and start pre-paying for their child’s college). You can do this daily until the contest ends.

We all hope our kids will get into college with a scholarship based on grades and maybe sports (if they play) but it’s so competitive and there just aren’t enough scholarships to give. The Florida Prepaid College Plan is a great way to help reduce those costs for our kids just in case those scholarships don’t come through. For more information on how you can help your child be better prepared for college, check And be sure to register to win one of two 2-year College Plans from

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