Faith Talk: Understanding Why God Doesn’t Show Us The BIG Picture

I know having faith is not the easiest thing to do in this world.  Heck I can a test to that right now this moment in my life.  We are a family who lived pay check to pay check but comfortably now we have NO paycheck.

This is all going to be part of the awesome testimony I will share when I go to speak, because believe you me I was called to speak and speak I will!  Well my testimony is not what this post is about (though I will share that with you sometime), today we are talking about Why God Doesn’t Show Us The Big Picture.

I know I personally thought to myself, God if I just knew where I was going and how I was going to end up things would be much easier to take.  Well that may not be the case.  If I knew what was going to happen would I want it to, would I let God be the one to make it happen or would I try to take the reigns and do it myself.  No matter though, either which way would end up not being the God way I venture to say.

As I sat here praying about my husband, the job I know he will have, our families needs being met and for friends and family I had an epiphany.   Okay so I can’t take credit for it, it was all God letting me know exactly why He can’t show us the big picture (though if we had it our way we would know the outcome of everything, go ahead admit it).   Had I been in Arkansas and God showed me the big picture of us moving down, buying our first home and my husband losing his job right after, it would have been a N to the capital O, G-homie!

I would not have come down to where I knew I was supposed to be, and helping build a church I know I am supposed to help build.  I would have cemented my feet in the Arkansas ground or stuck my head in the mountain sand like an ostrich and told God, I will go down there AFTER Brent has a job there (which he was going to stay on with the company he worked for so that’s why we knew it was okay to move here then suddenly after 2 months down here they let him go).  I would have told God to get him with another company down here and then we will come down.  Well it’s not my chip to bargain with ya know.

Then on the flip side of that, had God showed me something that was awesome beyond anything I could dream I may not have trusted Him to do it.  I may have tried to make that happen on my own and then still messed up the plans He has for me.  Because we all know that when something good is going to happen we want it to happen now and would try to do it on our own instead of having faith that God will make it happen in the right timing.

It’s all about God’s timing and faith.  I was watching Joel Osteen this morning and was just in tears, he was talking about how we get frustrated when someone gets that promotion over us or in the case of the blog world, some people seem to get all the cool ops while I get nothing and he said something that stuck with me.  God isn’t shutting a door just to shut it, God shuts those doors to move us up to the position and opportunities that are BEST for us, not what we think is best but what HE knows is best.  The plans He has for us, not the ones we want for Him to have for us.

God sees the big picture, we aren’t meant to.  We might see bits and pieces but for God’s perfect plan to work together it’s better for us not to see the whole but rather keep the faith.  After all the creator of the world can, I think, take care of us just fine.  BUT we have to have faith, trust in Him even when we don’t know where in the world He is taking us or why we are going through something.  Just know that no matter what when you keep your faith, the next brick on that path is laid before you, but not too far ahead, after all if we can see more than just a step or two ahead of where we are going how would our faith be built!

Now get ready for your journey and remember to keep your faith at all times.  No matter the joys or struggles, keep the faith.  IN the hard times keep the faith just as you have during the good times.  That is what will get you through the hard times.  And God wants to see us be faithful with abundance and trials alike.  Is your faith going to waiver when things get tough or is it going to be the same as it is when you are being blessed beyond imagination.  Let your testimony be a great one, I know mine will be!

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    Thanks Toni for sharing this!!

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    Toni, a year and a half ago we went through a really rough time and it was hard not to be angry at God when my life was falling apart around me, but my husband and I kept our faith and now realize that it was all part of a plan to help us get where we are supposed to be. Life is not all sunshine and roses and sometimes we make a mistake and God has to help correct it or set us back on the right path. Either way I am so glad you are keeping strong and trusting in God’s plan for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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