Enjoy Everyday Confidence, Fear Be Gone #TrustImpressa

I love to jump and be active. Sometimes that may cause a slight issue but no more! Thanks to today’s sponsor, Poise Impressa with Acorn Influence, for helping women all over enjoy everyday confidence. #TrustImpressa

Trust Impressa Toni

As I’ve gotten older I’ve experienced something I scoffed at when I was younger…light bladder leakage. Meaning there are activities that may cause a little tinkle to trickle when I am least expecting it. I love to be active with my kids, to laugh, to do cartwheels, cheer jumps and if I am afraid a little something is going to trickle out it may hinder me from living my life. It doesn’t happen often but the older I get the weaker my bladder gets and I want to have something on hand if I am going to be doing an activity that might cause a little light bladder leakage

Something like this:

That’s why I #TrustImpressa! Impressa is great for women, like me, who might have a little bit of an issue keeping their bladder in check. Whether it’s from babies in your belly thinking your bladder is toy or just nature doing it’s thing, light bladder leakage is something so many women deal with. Nearly 50% of women who have had children by age 40 are affected by stress incontinence. See, you’re not alone. And anytime you walk into your local Walmart, you can grab Poise Impressa to live confidently!

It can be a bit daunting wondering where to start, thankfully Impressa has a sizing kit so you can figure out what works best for you!

Impressa Kit


Live Confidently with Impressa!

With Impressa, women can get back to living life without worry of a leak putting a damper on things. Whether you are headed for a day at the beach, working out at the gym, or just going to have a blast at that local indoor trampoline park you can do it all without worry of leaking.

Trust Impressa Toni (2)

As a frequent Walmart shopper, picking up Impressa is a breeze, simply head to the feminine care aisle and you’ll find it.  Don’t stop living your life, why not take control instead. Stop leaks before they happen with Poise Impressa.

How do you live confidently?


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