Easy Ways To Spread The Care This Christmas Season


The Christmas season is upon us, and that means time for family and friends, showing loved ones that we care and spending time making memories. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy time with friends or family during the holiday season. For whatever reason, they may be spending it alone. Which is why it is so important to spread the care, showing you care could be just what someone needs this Christmas season.

7 Ideas To Spread The Care This Christmas Season

  1. Pay It Forward. Whether you are at a coffee shop or the grocery store, watch as your brighten someone’s day when you pay for their purchase. I love doing this year round!
  2. Take your kids on a date night. We always think of date night as something we do with our spouse or significant other, but our children need that one on one time with each parent too. Make a special date just for you and each one of your children. It will make all the difference, even if they act like it doesn’t!
  3. Compliment someone. There is so much negativity lately that I want to squash it out somehow. If we all take the time to compliment at least one person every day, that’s a start. And who knows, you may be just the one to say what that person needed to hear.
  4. Give of your time. There are so many people who are out there less fortunate that so many of us, so this Christmas season give of your time. Help out at a homeless shelter, take the time to go into the community and give blankets, jackets, food, and supplies to those who don’t have a roof over their head.
  5. Host Christmas dinner. We love inviting friends and family to our house for Christmas. Doing this allow us to visit with the ones we love and who may not have anywhere to go for Christmas.
  6. Take the kids. We all know what it’s like to be married but never get to enjoy a date night alone, because we don’t have someone to watch the kids. See if any of your married friends with kids would like a night out and offer to watch their kids! They will be forever grateful.
  7. Make a feel better basket. During the cold months, it never fails, a friend (or a few) will come down with some sickness. When they do make them a feel better basket. Put some magazines to read or movies to watch, if they don’t feel like getting out of bed. Put some cans of soup (or homemade soup if you have the time) in the basket. And, of course, add in some Kleenex, so they have the best care for those sniffles.

Kleenex at Sam's Club

We love the Kleenex Winter Kit found at Sam’s Club for our winter sniffles. It comes with three perfect fit canisters, in fun winter designs, eight lotion boxes that include Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for delicate skin, no more hard tissue for those sensitive noses. The Kleenex® Lotion facial tissues feature 3-ply construction for thickness and absorbency, and Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a soothing touch to the delicate skin. You can get the winter pack at Sam’s Club for $15.96 for a limited time.  They are perfect for those feel better baskets I mentioned above.

Give back and show you care through your time or another simple way mentioned above. Sometimes it makes your holiday season much better from simply doing things for others.

How will you spread the care this Christmas season?

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