Due Date Red Carpet Premiere: Living The Celeb Life!

Okay so let’s just pretend that I am a celeb who was invited to attend the red carpet premiere of Due Date, starring Robert Downy Jr. & Zach Galifianakis.  Now let’s imagine that being reality, because IT WAS.  Okay so maybe the world doesn’t know I am a celebrity yet but I did get to head to beautiful Los Angeles, CA and hit the red carpet (loaded with paparazzi and all).

On October 27 I headed on a jet plane (or two to be exact) from the lovely Pensacola, FL to Los Angeles, CA.  First things first, I LOVE LA.  Okay now that I got that out I am sure you wonder how in the world I snagged a sneak preview and red carpet privileges. Though you shouldn’t be seeing my celeb status…okay okay getting serious now.

This opportunity was because I have the amazing opportunity to work alongside a company I love!  Murphy USA was kind enough to bring myself and Melissa from Consumer Queen (it has to be because we are the MUMS!) to the red carpet premiere of Due Date.  I arrived, as mentioned, on October 27 and spent the day resting by the pool at the posh Roosevelt Hotel and sightseeing of course.

I was right on the Walk of Fame and across from Grauman’s Chinese Theater (with all the feet and handprints) so you know pictures were in order.  The headed over to eat at Johnny Rockets, which by the way has the MOST DELICIOUS onion rings I have had in my life.  Thank you Johnny Rockets for now setting a standard that I fear no one will compare to.  Finally, headed back to the hotel and just chilled while I waited for Melissa to get there.  When she did we skidaddled over to get a slice of pizza for dinner and then to bed it was, for our fun filled day the next day.

Up early on Thursday October, 28 to meet the fella’s from Murphy USA and the ladies from Mars in the lobby.  We then headed to Warner Brothers for their VIP tour, which included seeing some “homes” from tv shows & movies, the church from Lost Boys, the court from Night Court, the set of Two and a Half Men and much more.  Oh and a big one for me, the Merlott’s Bar from True Blood (well the outside of it), you all know I love me some Vampire shows. And of course we can’t not mention this set, do you recall the show it’s from?

Melissa from Consumer Queen and Moi

After a day of touring we headed to Joan’s on Third for some very California lunch and some delicious dessert:

Then back it was to the hotel for a teensy second of rest and then kick it into high gear to get ready.  After all it’s not everyday I am attending something on the red carpet (though I fully expect it to be in the future).  What to wear was the biggest dilemma I faced. Do I go with the Little Black Dress that’s always a classic or something a little more hip like skinny jeans, a cute shirt and heels the size of Mount Everest that are sure to kill me but will look amazing on.  You can guess what I chose I am sure….

Yep the killer heels and clothes to go with them.  What can I say, you pay a price to be fashionable…and boy was I paying the price after just an hour in those things.  After gathering in the lobby with Jay, Casey and Michael from Murphy USA we dashed over to get our premiere tickets, after party tickets (yes I forgot to mention that we got to attend the after party as well) and hit the red carpet.  Well actually in this case because this is a road trip movie, it was a black carpet made to look like a road, but you get my drift.

What fun it was.  I saw so many celebrities and tried my best not to hyperventilate when Kate Walsh walked right next to me (she is just as gorgeous in person as she is on television).  Now had that been Taye Diggs I would have just passed out LOL.  Saw Mr & Ms. J from America’s Next Top Model, love them even though they were dressed better than me.  I could keep going but let’s get to the movie!  I can expand on all that in another post since I know you all want to know how Due Date was right.

If you are a Hangover fan (the movie people) you will love this movie.  It was comical, I found myself laughing throughout the entire movie.  There were some parts that were definitely not child appropriate and even found myself blushing at, thank goodness it was dark in the theater.

The story is that of a business man, Peter Highman (Robert Downy Jr.), who is trying to get home to his wife in LA who is approaching her Due Date.   As fate would have it, he is unlucky enough to run into a scatter brained aspiring actor, Ethan Trembley (Zach Galifianakis), who brings nothing but bad luck to him it seems.  Everything from switching of bags that makes him get detained in security to ending up at the ER when Ethan falls asleep at the wheel.  Making it to California seems to be nothing but a pain in the keester for Peter.  When happening upon the chance to leave Ethan at the curb, Peters conscience proves to kick in and they continue the cross country trek together with a happy ending.

With guest stars such Jamie Foxx and Juliette Lewis and the front men mentioned above, Due Date is a movie that most will love. I laughed until I cried and even had my heart strings a bit pulled during the movie.  And of course the adorable doggie in the movie stole everyones heart.  And I was lucky enough to run into Sonny on the red carpet and have a photo op:

All in all I give it a Daily Dose approved stamp of approval!  This is a movie that is definitely not for the children as there are some very adult jokes throughout the movie and a lot of language.  So moms and dads don’t take your children to this one, like I said it’s definitely more for those who are fans of The Hangover.

After the movie we hit the after party that was at our hotel.  Want to know what happened there, well check back for that in another post.  You know I can’t spill it all in just one!  But here are a few more pictures from the red carpet to appease you.  Myself on the red carpet:

With Jay & Casey from Murphy USA and Melissa from Consumer Queen

Definitely need to do this again.  Who wants to come with me?

Disclaimer: A big thank you to Collective Bias and Murphy USA for taking care of my travel arrangements and hotel as well as some of the food on my trip.  And to Mars and Warner Brothers for allowing me this great opportunity.  No other compensation was received and all views in this post are that of my own and honest.  The do not reflect the views of the companies mentioned in this post.  They are just mine and mine alone :).

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    I want to go! 😉 How fun, what an experience!

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    You are a true decendant of the red carpet, So walk it with all you got. Yea Walk this way like your mamma taught you. You belong to royality and don’t you ever forget it love Mom

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