Dr. Cocoa For Children, A Medicine That Brings Relief and A Smile!

When I was growing up, there were very few things worse than my mom trying to get me to force down the horrible tasting medicines when I was sick. Even to this day, I gag if a liquid medication comes near my mouth. I was scarred, and if it didn’t come in a pill form, I would suffer through my ailment.

I was concerned as I saw those same traits popping up in my kids. Anytime they would get sick, they would take the medicine and gag it up, unfortunately neither of them are big pill swalllowers either, so what was a mom to do. Thankfully Dr. Cocoa for Children has come to the rescue this cold season!

Back to school time, means lots more germs around our family. That in turn, means sickness and of course taking medicine! Did you know in a new national survey of U.S. parents of school-aged children (ages 4-13), 40% said it wasn’t always easy to give their kids over-the-counter medicines, most likely because of taste. I can say, I would have been part of the 40% had they surveyed me.

We were sent three bottles of Dr. Cocoa products:

  • Dr. Cocoa Nighttime Cough + Cold Relief: Made especially for children ages 6-13 to relieve coughs, along with stuffy nose, sneezing at night, and runny nose.
  • Dr. Cocoa Daytime Cough + Cold Relief: Non-drowsy formula relieves stuffy nose and cough for children ages 4-13.
  • Dr. Cocoa Long-Acting Cough Relief: Relieves coughs for up to eight hours without causing drowsiness in children ages 4-13.

Dr. Cocoa for Children is the first-ever cough and cold medicine for children with patented formulas combining trusted, effective ingredients with 10% real cocoa for great chocolate taste.

I, being the refuser of all things liquid, decided to step up and test a taste of Dr. Cocoa Daytime Cough. I have to say I was very impressed, but it’s not my opinion that matters, it’s the ones who will be taking this medicine. Would they like it? My daughter, who deals with stuffy nose and cough this time of year, tested it out for me. The chocolate flavor sold her!!! She got it down with no gagging!!

As a parent, it always hurt my heart to see my kids suffering because they couldn’t swallow pills and most medications, they couldn’t keep down (if they got it down at all). This cold season, I am definitely looking forward to using Dr. Cocoa for Children as our go to over-the-counter medication. Available nationwide at stores and online, a medicine that will bring a smile to their lips.

Head to the website to find a list of where it can be purchased and to download a coupon to save $2. Also, for a limited time, you can enter to win a Dr. Cocoa hand puppet, check out the contest here . Don’t forget to connect with them on their Facebook page.

Note: Dr. Cocoa is to be used per package instructions. It is intended for children ages 4-13 depending on the specific formula, so be sure to read the package instructions completely!

Visit for a $2-off coupon offer.

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