Doggie Greatness: Dexter

While most people would say we have 3 children we have to disagree, we really have 5. Three of our children walk on two legs and two of them walk on four legs. Yes our doggies are like our 4th and 5th child. Today I want to highlight Dexter The Dude Patton.

A few years ago we lost our dog Patch and our world was quite empty when the little guy was gone. We decided we wanted to bring in a new little man to love and have by our side. After scouring the web and local animal shelters in Arkansas, we came across his cute little picture. I just knew I wanted him from the minute I saw him but he wasn’t up for adoption that day but the next morning rather. So I packed up my daughter while the boys were in school and we headed to the shelter to see how the little yorkie who stole my heart, was with people and kids.

In the shelter we got there right before another gentleman who was there for the same doggie but thanks to a traffic free morning we were there and filling out the paperwork a hair before the other guy.  My husband daughter and I went in  and spent some time with Dexter and we fell in love.  We have had him for 3 years now and there is not one moment of regret.  Here are just a few of the reasons we love Dexter:

  • He tries to be our protector, though his size keeps him from really scaring people, but he has a tough guy bark.
  • He is great with the kids which is a must with any dog
  • He took instantly to Guido when we brought him in (you’ll meet him in my next Purina post)
  • He cleans his plate every time, I don’t even have to bribe him like I do sometimes with my human kiddos.

Dexter is our little man who we were fortunate enough to be able to rescue from a shelter.  I don’t know if someone got rid of him (which kills me to think) or if he just got lost but Dexter was meant for our family.   He loves everyone he meets, after trying to protect his family of course.  Sometimes I think he’s part rabbit with the way he hops over the grass when we take him out.  Our life became a little more complete when we “saved” Dexter, although I like to look at it as him saving us.  Now Purina wants to know why you think your dog is great…

We are definitely a Purina dog food family, so I am thrilled to share with you the contest they have going on …

purina pro plan’s “how is your dog great?” video contest

Purina® Pro Plan® is asking passionate pet owners across the country to put their dog’s greatness on display in the “How is Your Dog Great?” video contest. From now until August 27, 2012, pet owners can upload a short film, less than two minutes in length, to the Pro Plan YouTube channel!

Purina wants to see your dog’s moments of greatness in an effort to inspire others to discover the greatness in their dogs!

Want to know what the prize is?  Of course you do…

The grand prize winner (the one who shows their doggies greatness the best) will have their video featured in a Pro Plan commercial!! Pretty cool if you ask me.  I’d say my dogs are ready for their close up.   It would be so fun to see them on a commercial while the family is watching television.  I venture to say the doggies themselves may do a double take when they catch themselves on screen.  The commercial will be unveiled at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show, presented by Purina Pro Plan. And Purina wants to keep your dog well feed, so the winner will also receive a year’s supply of Pro Plan brand dog food!

Seriously, how fun is that.  Highlighting your pup and having a chance to win an awesome prize!  Well, what are you waiting for…get to videoing!  What are some of the great things about your four legged friend?

Disclosure: I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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    Oh this is so cute I am going to have to check this out!

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    What a sweet doggy!

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    Aww, he’s so cute!

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    Aww he is such a sweet dog!

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    I need to post about my poochie!

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    Aw, we have a dog and we do think of him as another child.

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    My son wants a dog, but we have 2 two kitties.

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    TOOOOOO cute!

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    Part rabbit? Too funny!

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    Dexter is a cutie pie!

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    Dexter is awesome and this chance to feature our dog in an actual commercial is pretty darn cool.

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