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I had the pleasure of seeing The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer when it was in theaters.  I enjoyed The Lone Ranger so much that I was thrilled to receive a copy, because I would have been buying it regardless.   I actually remember occasionally watching reruns of the original “The Lone Ranger” show and I always tend to starting singing the song in my head every time I hear (or think) the title.

Once I knew Johnny Depp would be playing Tonto in the movie version I just knew this was going to be one I would enjoy.  He is such a talented actor and there are not any movies or shows of his that I have not enjoyed.  Now that the movie is out on DVD & Blu-ray I can watch it from the comfort of my home any day I like.  My boys and husband quite enjoy it too!  What’s not to love about cowboys and Indians working together against bad guys??

Disney The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in The Lone Ranger, from Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Director Gore Verbinski. It’s a wild ride of high velocity action, explosions and gunfights that brings the famed masked legend to life through brand-new eyes. The Lone Ranger (Hammer), the last of his kind, teams with Tonto (Depp), a dark and mysterious vigilante, to seek vengeance after justice has failed them. It’s a runaway train of epic surprises, as these two unlikely heroes must learn to work together before the ultimate showdown between good and evil explodes.

The cast is amazing!  Along with Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer you have Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson, Ruth Wilson, William Fichtner, and many other talented actresses and actors.  I really loved seeing Johnny in the part of Tonto and when asked if he enjoyed playing an outlaw he said ” Outlaws are fun. They get to do things that we can’t. They break the rules, so there is that vicarious thrill in playing one.”

He did such a great job as Tonto and Armie did an amazing job as The Lone Ranger.  The movie made me laugh, cry, and hold my breath.  It’s a fun movie for our whole family.  There are a few violet and bloody scenes, so if you have a little one that is sensitive to blood and shooting, you may want to let them sit out for this one.

Here is a slideshow and a couple clips of The Lone Ranger so you can get a little sneak peek until you pick up a copy:

The Lone Ranger is out on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack to own today.  Have you seen The Lone Ranger yet?

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    I’m giving this to hubby for Christmas. I think he’s really going to like it!

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    I’m hoping my Papa’s health improves so he can watch this movie. Lone Ranger was always one of his favorites.

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    This was such a great movie. I think I’m going to get the DVD as a stocking stuffer form my husband!

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