Daddy With Scissors = The Little Dutch Boy

Okay, I must explain before you read the whole blog, Aidan my four-year-old is terrified of haircuts even if Daddy or I do it.  Last time I cut it, was because he was ready! So I was waiting for him to be ready again, which if he gets long hair no big deal.  I mean Ryder Hudson has long hair so why not Aidan. So I was just letting it grow and every now and then I would ask him if he was ready for his haircut.  The answer would be no, so we would leave it at that; I didn’t want to make him, even more, scared.

Last night, when I was doing a great favor for my husband by taking his shoes back to the mall for him, he got a bright idea.   While Aidan was in the bathtub that he would sneak cut his hair (as you can see this is already a recipe for disaster).  He decided when he pours the water over Aidan’s hair to rinse it while Aidan is wiping his eyes he will snip some and he will be able to cut it all with this “fantastic” plan. He does it the first time and Aidan notices, so my sweet boy starts screaming frantically, sobbing hysterically.  That was the end of the haircut, because when he is moving around you risk cutting him and that would be the surefire way never to get him to cut his hair again. We ended up with uneven bangs.

Bad Haircut

Obviously, I was never going to be able to go anywhere with his hair like that.  After trying to convince him, bribe him and everything else you can think of I had to resort to trapping him in my legs and cutting the chunks off. Now I not only have scarred him for life, but he looks like the little Dutch boy! I got it is as straight as I could get it and it will have to do until he lets me, or someone, cut it if that ever happens.

Little Dutch Boy Haircut


Needless to say, hubby knows now when people say it is cute, but in his opinion it is too long, it is in his best interest to listen to all of us, no more brilliant ideas LOL.

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    I remember when my ex-husband and his father tried to give my oldest his first haircut. I have a photo of him in the highchair with tears down his face, snot running down his nose, and he’s holding and apple. He ended up with a buzz cut. So sad,

    I do think the Dutch boy cut looks cute, and he looks cute with his long hair, too. =)

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