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Recently, I came across Kamino, an app that is a welcome addition to the plethera of iPhone apps I have. There are so many of us who like to explore the towns we live in or the places we visit. Kamino, is an app, that features “hikes” throughout the world.

Hiking App For Travelers

As I explored Kamino, I started with checking the hikes that were already listed near me!

Find Hikes On Kamino App

The closest hikes I could find, were in the New Orleans area…which will be great for our next weekend getaway.  I am thinking a July 4th (or somewhere around there) getaway to NOLA.  I didn’t even have to create my own hike, since there are so many options for that area.  With hikes that are geared toward food, art, history, and so much more, I am going to be able to find something for my family to do.  Whether it’s a family getaway or a romantic getaway, I love the fact I can search and find something that will work no matter what.

Hike Around Your Town

It seems that Kamino, is a bit new to my area, so I decided to create a hike of the best eats.  What better way to introduce vacationers to the best local places to eat, this will be great for those who will be visiting our area for the upcoming July 4th holiday.  I am all about local eats when I visit somewhere, so I thought this would be a great first “hike” to share!  Creating a hike was simple!  You simply pick your location and start adding stops!

I love how easy Kamino makes it to search for fun, exciting and/or new things to do.  Each “hike” has a list of stops that features things to see/eat/do, while you are in that area.  This is why it is perfect for travelers, seasoned and new.  We always think we know the best places, but there is always something new to discover and that is what Kamino will help us do!

Check out this video about Kamino:

Additional Features of Kamino:

  • Hikes on the fly: Find awesome new spots wherever you are.
  • Expert recommendations: Get insights from travel experts and local gurus on the best hikes in town.
  • Local treasures and hidden gems: Discover what you may have missed in your own backyard.
  • GPS-guided hikes: Never get lost! Our built-in GPS system will always get you to your destination.
  • Hikes tailored to your interests: Find out if a hike is dog-friendly, good for kids, or great for a night out with friends.
  • Recommendations: Add your own as you go or when you get to your final destination.
  • Create your own hikes: Share your favorite places with friends, family, and your community!

I am going to keep adding to my Gulf Coast Fun tour as I continue to find or think of places that are must visits for my area.  I hope you will do the same for your area in case I ever visit, so I’ll know the best places to visit. What are some of your local spots that you would add to a hike on Kamino?

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    What a fun app! I will give this one a try!

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