Making Sure All The Bases Are Covered.

A couple of weeks ago I talked to you about being prepared for the future.  I shared my thoughts on why I think long-term care insurance is an important topic to discuss with both your parents and your children (when they reach an appropriate age of course). Today I am approaching another topic that is something I strongly feel we all need to have in place to secure the future of our spouse and children…life insurance.

I, of course, don’t like to think about leaving my children mother or fatherless. It brings me to tears to even think about losing my husband or something happening to me and not being able to see my children grow up. However, I do think being prepared is very important. I am lucky enough to be able to stay home, raise my kids and do some social media work. The work I do doesn’t bring in a lot of income so we rely solely on my husband’s pay. As he and I talked about this topic he brought up some great points on why life insurance is a necessity for us.

  • If something happened to him, our sole bread winner, and me being the person staying at home raising our children, he made the point that I would need enough to cover his monthly income.
  • If something happened to me, he would still have his pay but he would need extra, so he could have someone here for the kids after school, school breaks and to help do things while he was working.
  • The prices of a funeral are not budget friendly. We  don’t want the living spouse or children to have to worry about the finances for that.  Finances for a funeral should have to be the last thing on a child or spouse’s mind when someone passes away.
Life insurance isn’t a scary topic.  It’s a topic that needs to be discussed to make sure all our bases are covered.  Sure, no one likes to think about dying, but the reality is we all will at some point.  I want to make that transition as smooth as possible for the people left behind.  I plan on living a very long time…just sayin’ but when it is my time to go I want my life to be remembered and celebrated.  I don’t want the people I love stressing over how to finance my final resting place or how their needs will be taken care of after I am gone.  Whether it’s through an employer or a stand alone insurance company I feel strongly that life insurance is a necessity for each of us.
What about you, do you have life insurance?  Why or why not?  I would love to discuss in the comments below.

This post is part of a sponsored conversation. Life Insurance information brought to you by Genworth. All opinions are 100% my own and honest. Please read more on my policies in my disclosure.

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  1. 1

    I think Life Insurance is very important.

  2. 2

    So very important.

  3. 3

    We have loads of life insurance, even though my husband doesn’t make a huge about of money – it’s more about making sure I’m taken care of if he passes away, and that he’s able to function and work if I pass away. (Being a stay at home mom means I make no money, but would cost a bit of money to ‘replace’ so to speak)

  4. 5

    I think life insurance is definitely important. We have policies on me, hubby and both the kids. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • 6

      I didn’t really cover kids in this post but you are so right it’s important to get them covered as well!

  5. 7

    We have had life insurance since 1998. I am proud to say that we have made it our duty to keep up with it over the years and as a matter of fact I would like to add to it. Like I always tell young parents. Get it while you are young and in good health! It is so much cheaper that way.

  6. 9

    My husband and I both have life insurance plus we have policies on each of the children. I totally agree that it’s better to be prepared.

  7. 11

    We do have life insurance and added it on when we started thinking about kids.

    • 12

      That’s another great idea to add on when you start considering kids, wish I had been thinking along those lines when I started thinking about kids. I hope my kids do that and I will definitely be pushing them to.

  8. 13

    Yes, both my husband and I have life insurance, I wanted to make sure that the kids would be taken care of financially of something should happen.

  9. 14

    Great topic, I agree that it’s really important to be prepared for the unexpected, even if it is unpleasant to think about. I do not have life insurance. My fear is, what happens if I take out a policy and the company goes out of business? I do not have any children or other dependents, and I have enough assets as a cushion to cover my funeral expenses if something were to happen to me right now. It’s extremely important for me to have safety nets in place so at the moment, my current strategy of savings works for me. Each family situation is different so thank you for sharing what’s working for you!

  10. 15

    We have life insurance for both of us — and, this weekend, are sitting down to talk about “what happens” if my husband dies … mainly, who/what to contact, where he keeps everything, etc.

    We owe it ourselves and our children to be prepared!

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