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Welcome to a new series here on A daily Dose of Toni called Coastal Life.  I grew up living in the sunny throws of Pensacola Beach, I was luck to live right in the heart of the Gulf Coast where we have the world’s whitest beaches.  There are so many things I love about where I live which made me come up with the idea of a Coastal Life series.

The name might make you think it’s going to be solely places on the beach and while they will certainly be featured I will review all things in surrounding towns.  Navarre, Ft. Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, Destin and more will be featured in the Coastal Life Series along with any other coastal towns I might visit or find interesting.

It could be  a post of nothing but photos, a review, or ideas on what to do when in the areas featured.   I am excited about this series, I’ve thought about it for awhile since I moved back to my home on the gulf coast but finally just jumped in and started it because what good is a thought if there is no action right!

I hope you enjoy  Coastal Life!

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Toni is a professional lifestyle blogger living on the sunny Florida Gulf Coast. She has a passion for Disney, Travel, Fashion, Cooking, Tech, Family Fun Ideas, Reviews, Giveaways and loves being able to share that with her readers!

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    I would have loved to grow up around the water, I love being out on the ocean whenever we travel, I jump at the chance.

  2. 2

    I grew up in Southern Florida! and am moving to north Florida soon! I love living near the water!

  3. 3

    I was just in Pensacola yesterday to get some new running shoes at Sports Authority. We live in Fort Walton Beach.
    Saturday I will be enjoying the Mardi Gras Parade. Perhaps you can give me some ideas on activities in the area, or perhaps I can give you a heads up when I hear about things.

    • 4

      Thanks for sharing. I definitely want to share the Mardi Gras activities in the area. HOpe to get that up later this week.

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