Christmas Shopping Hacks: Get the Gift She Wants for Less

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is right around the corner, which means you are probably starting to sweat what you’re going to get the woman in your life for Christmas. It could be your mother, you daughter, your girlfriend or your wife – she may have told you exactly what she wants, and it’s up to you to find it. Surely there’s a way to make her happy without leaving your wallet empty, right? Well, it turns out that the answer to that is yes! Here are a few Christmas shopping hacks you can use to make her happy without breaking
the bank.


This one requires a lot of advanced planning, but your budget will appreciate it. Do you notice that a lot of really good sales happen right after Christmas? Well, that is the perfect time to buy next Christmas’s presents, especially if it’s something pretty expensive! It’ll take the pressure off of you when Christmas season rolls around, and while you watch everyone else scramble around and pay top dollar for the perfect gift, you can sit back and relax.

Shop Around

You may have a place that you like to buy things and where you’ve gotten good deals before, but don’t just go out and buy a gift the first place that you find it. Instead, do a little detective work and compare prices between places. This is really easy with the internet and can save you a ton of money too! The only thing this really requires from you is patience and time, but it definitely pays off to know what options you have.


Coupons absolutely still exist, and you should use them. Often there are online coupon codes for your favorite sites that you can find with just a little research. Or you can use apps that will scour the internet for discount codes for you that will then automatically apply them to your shopping cart online at checkout. Talk about a sweet deal! This will save your money on the perfect gift for her.

Ask for a Price Cut

This is something a lot of people do in person in a store. Did you know it can be done online, too, especially when buying a very luxurious item like Chopard jewelry from TrueFacet? When you’re on a high-end retailer’s website, look for a live chat feature. You will probably be surprised at just how often you can get a small discount just by asking! Plus, the worst that can happen is that you can be told no and the best case is that you save some money.

Know When You Can Get Free Shipping

There is one day a year that many online retailers offer free shipping, and it’s known by the happy moniker “Free Shipping Day”! It’s December 18th, so that gives you a week before Christmas to research what you want to get and then wait until that day to order it. Free shipping will save you money and you should receive your package by Christmas Eve!

Ship Direct to Friends and Family

Since shipping is the topic, if you have friends or family that you buy for that are far away consider having their gift shipped directly to them. This way you don’t have to bother with the post office at Christmastime (surely one of Dante’s circles of hell) and you won’t be paying for shipping twice. Many websites also offer gift wrapping and may even include a personalized card with your gift!

Track Sales for the Best Price

There are free online browser extensions that allow you to “tag” items that you are looking to buy and then get notified when the price changes! This is a great tool to have in your holiday arsenal because who has time to check back daily to find the best prices? You are a busy person, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great sales, so just find one of these extensions and let it do the work for you! You can also find apps for your smartphone that will allow you to scan an item’s barcode in the store and it will find if the item is available for less at another store. Technology is so fantastic!

Discounted Experiences for Her

Does the lady in your life want a massage or a day at the spa? You can look at online social shopping deals on sites like Groupon that will offer things such as spa services at a discounted rate. Businesses often will offer more discounted services during the holidays to garner business and you come out a winner along with your budget! No matter what the lady in your life wants, you can almost guarantee that will a little work on your part you will be able to find it for less. That’s something that will make both of you happy!

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