Cheap Gas Audit #MurphyUSA, All Around Town We Go!

Photo from Murphy USA FacebookMy mission should I choose to accept it is to find the cheapest gas around me. I accepted it! Friday morning off I went to check gas prices around the area in a gas audit shop.

First things first I check my Gas Buddy app. You can also use the Murphy USA app but for me it is better to use Gas Buddy b/c it shows more stations around me. After checking the prices and seeing that they were close to the same into my car I hopped, to check for myself.

I pull into Murphy USA and see that you can save up to 10 cents a gallon during their promotion right now however I don’t have one of the credit cards needed or have time to run into walmart today to get a gift card. The price at Murphy was $3.55 a gallon. They do get bonus points for having the coca-cola truck there, I love coca-cola.

Next was the station off the main highway, which you can’t tell but it was at $3.59. The texaco up the road was the same as Murphy at $3.55 as was the two Tom Thumbs right down the road from my house.

Check out my Intersect Story on my shop.

So it seems Murphy USA would have the lowest price if you use the discount of the normal 3 cents off with Walmart credit or gift card, or the 10 cents off with the promotion they have going on right now. However if you are buying straight from the gas place sans walmart credit, money or gift card it was the same price as most of the stations around at least on Friday anyways!

While you can *until 9/30/11* go get that 10 cents off a gallon, it’s sure to be the cheapest gas around, and Murphy always has some kind of great deal going on like 2/$2.22 soda, a special on foursquare (like BOGO red strike energy drinks). What are the gas prices like in your area, if you have a Murphy USA are they the cheapest?

To find out more about Murphy USA check them out on twitter, facebook, youtube and the Murphy Cheap Gas Blog.

Disclosure: This shop/project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All views/opinions are my own.”

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    We’ve been lovin’ that 10 cents off promotion; makes such a difference!

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