Cesar Cookie Crunchies Treats For Dogs To Make Their Day

Growing up I always wanted a dog but it just never happened until later in life.  About 3 years ago, we welcomed Dexter into our life.  We found him at an adoption shelter and he was just the perfect fit for our family.  Then December 2010 Guido entered into the picture in all his tiny glory.   Our little fur babies are such a big part of our family we would not be complete without them.  I mean really who couldn’t help but fall in love with these sweet little faces:

Dexter took to Guido pretty quickly when he joined the family and even took on somewhat of a protector role of the pup.  A little over a year later, Guido makes it known he can hold his own and tries to act like a much bigger dog than he is.  While they get along great if another dog enters the picture (or our yard) Guido is ready to tell them who is boss.  I love watching my pooches play during the day  and they both like to show off a little bit to get some a treat.  Whether it’s Guido prancing around on his back legs like a ballerina or Dexter showing us he knows how to sit on command they make me giggle when they are trying to show off.  We try to teach them what’s good, like not going to the bathroom in the house but outside rather, and when they do a trick or follow a rule we like to reward them with a yummy treat.  In comes Cesar Cookie Crunchies.

Cesar, who is known for their soft foods and treats for small dogs has a yummy treat your dog will love, Cesar Cookie Crunchies.  Cesar Cookie Crunchies are something outside the normal dog biscuits.  They are little bites of heaven for my doggies.  The first time I brought them out my dogs eyed them suspiciously, they aren’t fans of the new things, I think they get this from my human babies.  They sniffed, pushed with their little noses, pawed at, and then finally picked up one of the Cesar Cookie Crunchies in their mouth.  Once the flavor hit their taste buds, they were running right back to me showing off their best trick for another.

The treats come in two flavors, filet mignon (Guidos favorite):

and rotisserie chicken (Dexter is all about the chicken)

With two flavors to choose from my dogs get a tasty little treat when they have done their deed outside rather than in, danced around, spoken to us or just for looking so stinking cute.  Our dogs are just like children to us, they crawl up in our laps to cuddle, like to play with us, and do the best they can to be the center of attention.  We make sure they feel loved and get something special (a toy, a treat, etc) every so often.  Thanks to Cesar Cookie Crunchies those treats got a little bit tastier.  I am sure they will be barking to the world just how much they love this yummy new product.  And if your dog has any doubts about them, send them over to talk to Guido, he’ll let them know they are definitely Guido approved!

Guido also wants you to check out Cesars on twitter and facebook so you can keep up with the latest they have going on!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.  For more on my policies please see my disclosure under the PR Friendly tab.

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    What a cool treat for the small poochies.

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    So cute! Glad they liked them.

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    Those puppies are so stinkin cute!

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