PicMonkey Saves The Day

I seriously just breathed a huge sigh of contentment.  If you recall about a month (or a little over) ago Picnik announced it was closing it's doors, no more picnik!!!  WAIT WHAT!!!  I know I am not the only blogger who had a moment of hyperventilating when realizing one of my most used photo Read More »»

Get Ready, It’s Almost Here! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (2/9-2/16)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is just around the corner from 2/9/2012-2/16/2012 some of the hottest designers will be showcasing their new lines.  It's time for all those designers to unveil their Fall/Winter 2012 lines. My fashion radar is going off and getting excited for the upcoming events even Read More »»

Marvel Avengers Twitter Chat TODAY (1/31)

Where: Twitter. Don't forget to follow @MarvelAvengers What: Marvel Avengers Twitter Chat. Who: Join Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), and Director Joss Whedon! When: 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT! Why: You get to chat with some of the stars from the Read More »»

Men, Sometimes They’re Easier To Feed Than Understand!

I have to say, men are sometimes a foreign creature to me. I don't always understand the jokes they make, the shows they watch, or the fascination my husband has with researching something to no end. Of course the mystery is what makes my husband the man I love. However there is one thing I get and Read More »»

Introducing McKenna, American Girl 2012 Girl of The Year!

I am so excited to announce the upcoming release of McKenna, American Girl's 2012 Girl of the Year. Last week I received two packages in the mail that made me giddy. I am a huge fan of American Girl as is my daughter. I love that you can personalize dolls to look similar to your little girl, you can Read More »»

I’m Thrilled To Be A Coca-Cola Arctic Home Mama Bear

I am and always have been a huge Coca-Cola fan. Which leads me to some wonderfully exciting news I have to share. I was asked if I would like to be one of the Coca-Cola Arctic Home Mama Bears. A no brainer for me, loving Coca-Cola and getting to help spread the word about protecting the habitat of Read More »»

Veteran’s Day Is Approaching, SendCheer With Cheerio’s

I have grown up around military whether through having family & friends join a branch of the military or because of location. I grew up and am now located in a very big military community. Three military bases within a 45 mile radius, with one being less than 10 minutes, military is a big part Read More »»

WhoNu? Cookies Twitter Party 10/25/2011at 9-11 p.m. EST

Join WhoNu Cookies for a twitter party all about smart snacking during sports season Read More »»

Introducing The momAgenda Council of Media Moms (COMM) Team!

I am so honored and excited to announce something I have been sitting on for a few weeks now.  When I first found out I was one of the 8 chosen to work with and represent momAgenda on their COMM team. What is COMM? Council of Media Moms and here is a little more about what this group Read More »»

Cancer Is Pissing Me Off

The bright smile, the joy in his eyes.  A true all American boy.  A life lived in faith and trust in God.  You look at him and know he has everything ahead of him.  Graduation, Prom, College, a Career, Family.  For Ian Lockwood these things will never happen because he was a life taken too Read More »»

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