Verizon VS. AT&T #VZWA

We've all seen something similar to this.... It's the never ending battle of the networks.  The question is, which one really reigns supreme.  I've been using my Samsung Galaxy S III on the Verizon network for the last three months while still using my current AT&T phone on their Read More »»

Samsung Galaxy S III VS. iPhone #VZWA #Samp

Today it's all about the Samsung Galaxy S III  vs. iPhone. It's becoming one of the biggest debates in technology, which is the better phone?  So today I am going to share some info on the tech specs on both the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S III boasts an 8 MP rear facing Read More »»

Samsung Galaxy S III Review. Let’s Talk Apps. #Technology #VZWA

I've had the pleasure of trying out the Samsung Galaxy S III and Verizon Wireless the last two months and it's been great. I love being able to compare this phone and carrier to my current phone and carrier. I have always wondered which service really was better but did not want to bit the bullet, Read More »»

Excited To Be Your Official Verizon Wireless Ambassador #VZWA #Technology

Say Hello To My Little Friend.... On Friday I waited and waited and waited some more, much to the dismay of my kids, for that little beauty to arrive. What is that little beauty you ask, why it's the Samsung Galaxy S III! The latest and greatest from what I have experienced so far. You can see Read More »»

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