Windows Smartphones: A Must Have for Those Who Want to Stay Connected

I know I am an on the go mommy and also work as a pharmacy technician. So when I am out and about I love to be able to jump online, upload pictures basically everything that I can do from my home PC I want to be able to do on the go. Mom Central has joined with Windows to promote Windows Mobile a Read More »»

Why So Serious??!!!

Yes today is the day ladies and gents! Today is the release of The Dark Knight on DVD. One of the best movies released just in time for Christmas (so should anyone care to know what I want, that's it).Heath Ledger's performance was award worthy and left me speechless at the theater. He embraced Read More »»

Book Review: The Truth

I was asked to review The Truth(I'm a Girl, I'm Smart and I know everything) by: Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein (psychologist). I was excited when I dived into the book because it reminded me of when I was a girl. As a young girl, I used to journal everything! I wanted to share my feelings with the Read More »»

Review: MomAgenda

As a mom of 3 kids and a wife of a husband who loves to hunt and has to work all the time, as well as working part time myself, I do everything I can to keep us organized.  I mean after all how hard is it for one parent to have to try to take 3 kids to a practice or a game alone, or worse have Read More »»

Review: The Librarian-Curse of the Judas Chalice

I was so excited to have the chance to review The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice . Well of course being a huge fan of Noah Wyle, made it even more desirable aside from the plot having a little to do with vampires. The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice, is the third in the The Librarian Read More »»

Shop.Com Review

So as many of you know the countdown to Christmas is on! We have Black Friday right around the corner and I for one am ready to get out there and tackle the crowds. However some people would much rather do their shopping from the comfort of their own home.Thanks to Mom Central, I was introduced to Read More »»

Twilight Movie Review

I will start off by saying, I wanted to lick Edward's beautiful glittery body like a lollipop! Oh my how beautiful Robert was and played Edward so perfectly, he just made me wish even more that Edward was a real person, I would commit my down time to finding him LOL.As many know I absolutely loved Read More »»

Prima Princess Presents Swan Lake

When I was contacted by Mary Kate of Prima Princessa and Tutu Zone and asked if I would like to review their new video, Prima Princessa Presents: Swan Lake there was not a hesitation at all. Having taken dance for 15 years, I love anything that is dance related and the fact that this DVD was made Read More »»

New Nintendo DS game Arriving November 2008

Now I know that most (not all of course) moms out there are like me and love to let their children play games. Board, computer or video games are big in my house. My daughter unfortunately is of the age that most of the games her 5 and 8 year old brother play are just not suited for her. So Read More »»

Summer is not Summer without Strawberries

I can not begin to even express how much I LOVE strawberries! I mean just look at them they are a work of artWhat better snack than strawberries dipped in whipped cream right, it's sweet and low in calories (well if you eat it in moderation which I do not). One of my favorite things to do with Read More »»

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