Day 25: A Picture (or tell us about) of Your Best Friends

Those you see there are my best friends. I have had best friends in the past who I would have thought would be there as a best friend forever but unfortunately they weren't or aren't. I have several very close friends who I could turn to in a moments notice and who are there for me but my best Read More »»

30 Days About Me Day 24: Where You Live.

It's Day 24 in the "30 Days about me" series and today is all about where you live. I live in Navarre, FL. I grew up in Gulf Breeze, FL (about 20 miles away) moved and itched to get back for years and last year we finally did. Well back pretty close anyways to the Navarre Beach area. This place I Read More »»

Day 23: YouTube Talk

Today is day 23 of the "30 Days About Me" and we are talking YouTube. We are sharing some of our favorite video's from YouTube and I knew mine the minute I saw this prompt what mine was. Taco Bell Folk Song: I crack up everytime I watch this video. Of course I love that I can also find everything Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday:Back to school

WAHHHH!

Day 22: Favorite Websites

Hello, hello, hello! We are in the last few days of the "30 Days About Me" Series and it has been so much fun getting to know everyone participating! Today is day 22 and we are talking all about our favorite websites. This one excites me because I love seeing all the different websites people pick Read More »»

Day 21: A Recipe You Love

It's day 21 of the "30 Days About Me" series myself and other bloggers are doing and I am having a blast learning about everyone. Today's is pretty easy for me. I have a lot of recipes I love and am going to start sharing more of them so feel free to check out my cooking tab in my nav bar. I am Read More »»

Day 20: Something You Wish You Could Forget

Welcome to Day 20 in the "30 Days About Me". Today we are talking about something you wished you could forget. I'm going to get really raw, real and personal. A little uncomfortable writing this but hoping that the decisions I made can be used as a teaching tool to young women and men.  I am sure I Read More »»

Day 19: Talents & Hobbies

Welcome, Welcome!  Today we are showcasing our talents and hobbies on the "30 Days About Me" series for Day 19.  So jumping right in one of the things I think I am talented in is: No not coloring, though I have to say I am pretty talented in that as well.  Dance, is a talent of mine.  I have had a Read More »»

Day 18: Wedding Talk

Today is Day 18 and we are talking about weddings.  Share with us about the one you had or the one you dream of.  I have a few pictures from mine to share today: This is one of the man and I. I giggle at how young he looks. My oldest was our ring bearer and his aunt (my sister) was our flower Read More »»

Day 17: What Makes You Insecure? What Are Your Proud Of?

Well it's day 17 in the "30 Days About Me Series" we are half way done. I have been a bad host and not commented the last few days due to kids being sick and now it's hit me. I *think* I am getting over it so I hope to visit all the blogs participating from here on out and comment away. Today's Read More »»

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