#HolidayRoads To Navarre, FL With My Human Family (Dexter’s story)

Hello all you readers our there.  *ruff*  I have hijacked my moms blog for today *arf* she is spending time with her mom for a bit because it’s my grandma’s (her mom)birthday today.  So since she is away from the computer I decided to tell you my travel tale.  You see I found my human family back in March, though they may claim they found me something humans like to do is take credit so I don’t speak up much.  I will say though it was I who found them contrary to popular belief.  How I found them from the animal shelter is a story in and of itself that we will save for another hijacking.

Today is all about my first ever road trip.  For the time being we live in Arkansas, though hearing mom whine about wanting to be back in Florida has me convinced it’s the place to be.  So I am hoping we end up there soon. *RUff* So for now it’s vacation time and we left the hills (or mountains to be exact) of Arkansas and headed to Florida.  *Arf* Before I get to into detail let me just say, 12 hours in a car as a dog is no fun.  I don’t appreciate watching any shows so the dvd players we have are useless to me.  Oh well the kids seem to enjoy it and it keeps them from aggravating me too much.

*Ruff* Back to my story.  We got ready to load up when my mom pulled out a funny little contraption she called a Bergan Harness.  Not to sure what this thing was, I was a little skiddish and not very cooperative  when she tried to get it on me.  After a few trial runs she finally got it in place and said the magic words “Let’s get in the car”.  I don’t get to go everywhere with them when they are home so I get excited when we go on trips I can go on too.  I noticed the car was packed down so this much be a big trip.  I jumped in thinking I was going to get to sit in someone’s lap but then they put me in the back seat and attached my Bergan Harness to the seat belt.

Here I am with my harness on in the house before we left:

What is this?  Me a big boy in my very own seat and I can see out the window.  While excited I still wasn’t too sure about this contraption so I whined a little and got out of it quite a bit.  After awhile I think they  finally got tired of having to pull over and put me back in.  So they did what they could to keep me contained.   I heard the family talking about this harness and how it would be safe for me but I am magical so I pulled some escape tricks.  How sweet of them, they love me so much they want to protect me.

Now backing up a little, my mom had quite a time finding this harness to keep me safe, after trying Walmart store 359, Walmart store 5260, Walmart store 54, and even tried PetSmart.  Luckily she had been given some to hand out to fellow doggies in Florida when we see them around town, so she had to borrow one of those since we were packed up.  Finally she found them at Walmart store 144 so she replaced the one she borrowed. *all those links show you the stories she whrrled (still learning this social media talk I think that’s right) so click on them*

Okay sorry bout that, I get a little side tracked sometimes.  You should see me when a fly is in the room, I have reflexes.  So off we went to head to this place called Florida.  The humans got their dinner and we hit the road.  We stopped a few times along the way to go potty, did you know they have to go potty too except they don’t have the luxury of going outside like I do.  Go figure.  My sister talked quite a bit on the way down, who knew a five year old could have so much to say.

After a long long long long long time in the car we pulled up to a house, my grandma and grandpa’s is what my mom and dad said.  So excited to be out of the card we went inside and but what should greet me, Charlie Brown a weenie dog and Teeny a chiuaha & pomeranian mix.  Teeny was too small for harnesses but Charlie Brown was just right, so we want him to be safe too (hopefully he won’t get out like me). We presented him with his very own harnesses so now his humans can keep him safe too.  We all played and got to know each other.  I like it here.  We haven’t done much yet BUT today for a bit we got to hand out harnesses.

We went to the public park here for a fish fry and found some dog friends and their families to hand out the Bergan Harnesses too. We didn’t get any pictures though because mom was doing what she could to keep me from jumping into the ocean.  She didn’t bring her bathing suit this time and for some reason she didn’t really want to get her clothes wet.  What does she worry about that before, try having a bath when you are covered with fur.  Oh well we got to protect some doggies by making sure they are safe in the car.  Later tonight we are going back out for the fireworks and we are going to see if there are any other dogs that we can keep safe.

All in all my trip to Florida with my Bergan Harness was grand and I was safe (when I stayed in).  I am sure the trip home will be the same but hopefully the only reason we are going home to Arkansas is to pack up and come back to my mom’s true home.  Yep that’s what we want.  Well I think I hear my mom coming back now and not sure she will be happy with me and the drool on her macbook, I can’t help I like to lick things but who is going to blame a dog right.  Dogs can’t work computers (or so they think).

Oh one more thing, you can find your own doggie a Bergan Harness on Walmart.Com and select Walmarts.  So hurry over and get one today, keep your doggie safe too (tell them to do as I say not as I did).  Don’t forget to check out a place to inspire all pet owners to travel responsibly with their pets. And you can pledge to keep your pet safe too while you are there.

Okay bye bye now, I am going to enjoy the rest of my trip.  While this is the  post you will get about travel and my trip you may get some more Whrrl’s , Flickr and Tweets so keep a watch on those just in case. Oh and don’t forget to follow the HolidayRoads tag on Flickr, #holidayroads on Twitter and Whrrl as well as check out the Holiday Roads site so you can see the other Pet Travel Tales.  Maybe other pets will hijack their moms/dads blogs too.  I think it makes for a much more interested tale.

Disclaimer: Oh and I am supposed to tell you that my harness was provided as part of the HolidayRoads experience through Collective Bias and my mom (Toni) is being monetarily compensated for her time of shopping for and handing out the harness.  All the opinions in this posts are honest and not influenced in any way.  If you have any other questions please feel free to look at the disclosure of this blog

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  1. 1

    Too cute!

  2. 2
    Yvonne Butler :

    This dog is precious. I live about two hours from your mother and father in Alabama. Been to Navarre many times. Looking forward to seeing other doggie tales.

  3. 3

    Okay….seriously! That was the most cutest post I’ve ever read! I might steal your idea and have a post from my puppy dog! Thanks for totally making my day! 🙂

  4. 4
    Condo Blues :

    Hi Dexter, Blitzkrieg here. I highjacked my human’s computer – because on the Internet no one knows you’re a dog – woof! I like to go on road trips with my humans too. I’m a little guy and harasses don’t fit me too well. They got me a car seat that lets me look out the window! To make sure that I was ready for my first ever vacation, they took me on lots of little car trips around town. We went to some rescue events so I’d get used to big crowds too. By the time they were ready to go on their vacation, I knew what to expect (well I didn’t understand why the trip took longer than an hour but I rolled with it) and we had lots of fun.

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