Being Prepared Just In Case

Last year my son’s class went to the Museum of Aviation in Pensacola, FL and while there the kids were intrigued with the dried foods they have available.  They had freeze dried candies, ice cream and more.  My son has lived in states that are hurricane prone (our current state) as well as a state that had ice and snow storms that at times supplies were limited.  Being prepared is one of the things I was able to talk to my son about after that field trip and  how freeze dried foods can be the difference between eating and not eating in some circumstances.

Prepare Wise long term food storage can help you be prepared for the what if.  With little to no ingredients required for most of their meals these are great to have on hand  for the times supplies may be limited due to storms.  With deliveries not coming in and people stocking up it’s not always easy to get all the ingredients for meals during a storm and with complete meal packages you usually only need water to prepare a meal. While some can be eaten directly from the packages.  This is a great way to be prepared in case you are stuck with no stores or no way to get to a store.

Another way Prepare Wise comes in handy is for family camping trips.  We don’t want to pack the entire kitchen when going on a camping trip but would still like to eat meals that are hearty.  Prepare Wise can do just that on your next camping trip, simply take the packs with you and prepare as directed.  No matter if you are preparing for the what if or taking your family on a camping trip Prepare Wise has breakfast, individual, gluten free and complete meal packages available.  With a shelf life of 25 years this is definitely an investment worth looking into.


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    I keep telling myself I need to get a disaster readiness kit ready. I will work on it next week! I’m going to put it on my calendar.

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    Definitely smart to be prepared. It can be used for so many different situations!!!

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    Its definitely important to be prepared!

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