Pregnancy Cravings Gone Wild!!!


Ha, bet that got your attention, okay so I am not pregnant but I swear this new food has me craving it like I am.

I have fallen in love with this greek yogurt!  The Athenos bowls where the yogurt and “topping” are separate and then you mix them.  OMGOODNESS!  Where in the world have I been that I haven’t tried greek yogurt yet.

I have to say this is all my good friend N’s fault, she kept telling me how amazing this stuff was and I never did try it until one day Publix was having a sale on them so I thought “Ehhhh why not?!” so I picked up 3 flavors.  The blueberry, strawberry and honey in Athenos brand.  I tried the blueberry and was like “It’s okay, not bad but I am not jumping up out of my chair”.

Then I bring out the honey flavor….

DING DING DING!!! We have a winner folks.  My taste buds were having an ecstasy filled moment.  After I ate that first bowl I felt like I was a pregnant woman who needs that craving satisfied right then, unfortunately I can’t blame the pregnancy here because there isn’t one.  Ah well, I shall cave to the cravings and stock up on this mouth satisfying treat.

Did I mention it’s not horrible in the health department either and it is a good filler.  I am one who eats the 5/6 small times a day so this is perfect size for a few of those meals.  Now I am off to sit in my recliner and savor a few moment of quiet and honey! BTW have I mentioned YOU NEED TO TRY THIS STUFF!  Amazing I tell ya, just amazing!

Disclosure:  I was not asked to post this and bought the Athenos yogurt with my own money.  I am sharing my own opinions on my taste experience and if your’s is not the same, well then get your taste buds checked because this stuff is awesome.  Just Sayin’

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    Ok, so I totally thought you were pregnant for a minute there.:) HaHa I was like, “Oh wow! Toni’s expecting!” Way to get a girl excited there….:)