Angry Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It: The Oil Spill

With the oil continuing to leak in the gulf to say I am Angry doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel.  Am I angry ??  ABSOLUTELY! I am angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed, pissed off….I could keep going but I am sure you get the drift.  BP has to be one of the most hated companies at this moment in time.  As I sit  and read article after article I get more and more upset over something that SHOULD HAVE been prevented.

Obviously common sense would tell all of us that something like this has a possibility of happening right?  Or it should.  Well why in the world was BP not prepared for it, especially after the Exxon Valdez mess back way before I started blogging.

Point 1: Nothing is ever full proof and if you think it is then well I hope you are not the head of a company.  Point 2: Because nothing is full proof you should have some sort of plan for when something goes wrong, meaning that plan should have been tested and made sure it worked.  Point 3: When something does go wrong you should implement that plan and maybe just maybe you won’t be the most hated company in America.

Now I get something like this happening is very small in chance and this company probably didn’t want to fork out money for a solution that may never have to be used.  Well you know what, now you are suffering but worse than that my home and the home of my friends from Florida to Louisiana are suffering and the backlash you will feel will be much worse than shelling out the money for the What If scenario.

BP you can’t put a price on what you have ruined.  You have hurt animals, nature, and livelihoods.  People who depended on the ocean and beaches as their income now have nothing.  Tourism that helped to keep a state alive is dying.  And to hear when people were talking about the Oyster folks not having an income someone from your company said “Louisiana isn’t the only place to get oysters” was astounding.  Is that really all it is to you?  A few thousand people lost their jobs…you don’t care.  States/Cities that depend on tourism to bring in money…not your problem huh.

I only hope you begin to feel the impact someday worse than the individuals, cities and states who are feeling it now.  I hope making it right costs you every penny and you can’t keep your head above water. Trying to pass the blame to the oil rig men was low.  Take responsibility for the problem you should have been able to prevent:

And that doesn’t even show the under the sea fatalities.  Sea animals washing ashore.  Bottom dwelling animals such as shrimp, oyster, lobster dead.  Money that helps families to survive gone.

Tourism dollars to help communities and states gone.  These things lost can’t be returned but rather years of work will have to seemingly start from scratch.  Charter boats docked and will have to wait for the sea to be replenished.  Dolphin and Ocean tours lost because of something that should have been prevented.

Vacationing this year won’t be the same because of a catastrophe. My children won’t get to run and play in the water like did last year because of your carelessness and not being prepared for the What If.  All because your company wanted to save a little money because you believed something like this could never happen or so I assume. Well it did and now it’s going to take more than you will ever be able to do to make it right.

In light of this I have decided after seeing these pictures on some of my friends facebook pages that it’s time BP changes their logo. One of the following should do just fine:

Even if it causes your company to go out of business BP should do what it can and try to remedy the situation, though only time will completely fix what you have ruined.  What can you do to make it right?  I don’t know that there is a solution to fix this completely but you have to do something more than you are now.

My heart is breaking over every part of this situation, the pictures bring me to tears and seeing the oil spread all over angers me. If you had been prepared for the what ifs maybe just maybe you could have stopped this horrible disaster from happening.  As it is, you truly deserve to hold the title of the most hated company…at least to myself but I am sure millions of others agree with me.

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    I am afraid it will only get worse. Soon we will hear catch phrases on every network. That means they have hired the risk managers to come in to “defuse” our anger. (for all you risk managers all out, I am sorry, but I think you are the lowest form of life there is)

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    Yvonne Butler

    As our Youth Director at Church this morning remind the young people about Youth Camp it was sad that they are scheduled to go to Orange Beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama. He told the kids there would be pools to swim in but sadly there would be not beach or gulf swimming.

    My granson who is 15 next month said well I still want to got to camp. I can stand on the balcony and look out over the gulf and shut my eyes and listen to the waves come in. I can then ask God to remind me of what He created and to help me remember it as it WAS!
    There is nothing more beautiful as the sun setting and the high waves coming in and seeing all the colors God has created.

    I was so proud he could have that attitude about it but I’m Mad, too, This is on the coast of my state and the job loss is already great for us and now with this spill many more families are hurting, not to mention the fishing, shrimping,and seafood industies that will be wiped out for a long time. The destruction of so many of Gods creatures that are gone.

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      It’s so sad what it’s doing to families that depend on the gulf for their income. My heart breaks over all this.

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    With all due respect, this isn’t entirely BP’s fault. Check with the environmentalists who forced drilling to go out so far from the shore and so deep in the water… you know, so as to protect our shorelines from any oil, should there be a spill. That’s why they are struggling to stop the leak. If they were drilling closer to shore, they would have stopped it by now. You might also want to ask why the President hasn’t lifted red tape to do the things the governor of Louisiana has asked for, such as building sandbars, which the volunteers were entirely prepared to begin if given the go-ahead. Oh yeah, that’s also due to the environmentalists’ insistence on conducting a study of the effects on animal life before creating sandbars, rather than being more concerned for PEOPLE and the businesses and jobs that need to be saved.

    So, unfortunately, there is plenty of blame to go around.

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      Oh I absolutely agree that our President DEFINITELY needs to do MUCH more as in something at all and lift the red tape as you said. How can the enviromentalists force a billion dollar company to do anything and regardless if they did BP should have had a backup plan for the what if in my opinion. I don’t think they are solely to blame but they are the ones who since they were forking out money to drill should have forked out money for the what if imho.

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    We own a vacation home on the gulf and switched our vacation closer to home b/c of the spill. The kids are so disappointed. While it deeply saddens me I personally am not mad with BP. I’m more upset with the government. Why won’t they step in. Why are they making BP give the go on everything. People are stating they can’t just go out and start cleaning b/c the government won’t let them until BP says okay. BP is taking full responsibility and doing everything in their power to stop this IMO. I highly doubt BP wants the oil to continue spilling.

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      You are correct BP is turning people away and THAT SICKENS ME. and yes the gov’t needs to do something I agree BUT BP should have had something in place to stop this from happening to begin with right???? Or do you not agree with that? If they had something in place to stop it from happening then maybe it never would have happened. Just my opinion.

  5. 9

    I agree with Jennifer. I believe the government should have stepped in instead of pointing the finger of blame. It’s clear that the BP’s precautions and emergency plan of actions could only go so far and that they don’t know what to do at this point. It’s my little pet peeve that if the government hadn’t required them to go out so far and drill that they could have easily stopped an oil spill in more shallow water. They were too concerned with drilling closer inland b/c of the harm it could do to the environment but look what good that’s done.

    Let’s look back:
    President Obama, have you spoken with the CEO of BP to discuss the oil spill in the Gulf?

    “No… when you talk to a guy like the BP CEO, he’s going to say all the right things to me. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in actions.”

    That sounds more like a reason to avoid talking to a politician, but not an oil exec.

    Come on now, this can’t be solely BP’s fault.

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      Oh don’t get me started on Obama, not a fan at all I will go into not nice things so i stay away from Obama talk most of the time LOL. Yes he should definitely be doing more but my point is this should not have happened in the first place. they could have come up with something, after exxon valdez they should have.