This Mom May Finally Get the Radio Back, Thank To The #AlamoDriveHappy Box

Alamo Happy Box

Thank you to Alamo and Dear Crissy for this fun box that is sure to make our car rides (short or long) much less boring. This mom may finally get to listen to the music she likes again, since the kids will be entertained!

We can be in the car for 2 minutes or 12 hours and it never fails, the “Mom, I’m bored” seems to start the minute we pull out of the driveway. That can make for one long car ride. Thanks to the fun Alamo Happy Box, there should be little to be bored about and I may finally get to listen to the music I want to listen to again! Here are 4 ways the kids will be entertained during our car rides (long or short)!

Crayola Color Wonder Travel Kit

My kids love to color, okay I love it too, but when it comes to car trips bringing their colors can be a pain. Until now, we haven’t had something that is travel friendly to bring with us.  Not to mention, it can get messy.  Thanks to the Crayola Color-Wonder Mini Stow & Go kit, we can let our kids unleash their inner artist while on car drives.  The kit includes a 15-page drawing pad, 3 markers, and a storage case.  It’s the perfect way to let your budding artist draw your trip, let them record memories with hand drawn photos for keepsakes!

Polaroid 300 Camera

See your travels through their eyes.  As a blogger I am always snapping photos, but they are always from my perspective.  It has always been so much fun to let my kids take my camera and see it through their eyes.   Usually I have to stay right with them, as my camera is not something I can let them run around with.  With the Polaroid 300 Instant Camera you can let them snap photos and enjoy the benefits instantly. I can’t wait to see the photos they come up with on our travels!

Duct Tape Tote

To keep the creativity flowing, and carry all those souvenirs around, make a Duct Tape Tote.  I think this is going to be my in car activity.  How fun is this going to be??  Using the duct tape and designs, you follow the instructions and create a masterpiece!  Who knows, you might just make the next big thing in fashion!

Kindle Paperwhite

One of my favorite things to do during a car trip, as a kid, was to read.  Of course, back then, that meant carrying a backpack full of books because I am a pretty fast reader. Thank goodness for the Kindle Paperwhite, because now my kids (or myself) can have thousands of books on hand for on the road.  New books and old favorites will let kids escape to a new world while on the road!

The Alamo Drive Happy Box also included a beautiful silver bracelet that my daughter snatched up before I could add it to the photo.  We are going to have hours of driving for future road trips and thanks to the Alamo Drive Happy Box I may get to listen to 80’s on 8 and enjoy the ride while the kids have a blast with their new travel goodies!  Thank you Dear Crissy and Alamo for helping to save my sanity!


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    I am packing my bags now to go on a road trip with you. Where you wanna go? We will have so much fun with all this great stuff. Love mom

  2. 2

    I used to have a big bag of books when my folks took my sister and I on trips. I remember I was on a Michener kick one summer and his books are huge (Hawaii, anyone)

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