Wrestling For My Life: The Legend, The Reality, and The Faith of a WWE Superstar

I received a copy of Wrestling For My Life: The Legend, The Reality, and The Faith of a WWE Superstar from Family Christian to review. All opinions are my own!

Shawn Michaels Wrestling For My Life

In Wrestling for My Life, WWE superstar Shawn Michaels shares from his heart about the highs and lows of his life inside the WWE. Included are some never-before-shared stories and an intimate look into his career as well as stories of hunting, family, and faith.

With millions of fans, Michaels had adulation and all the attention he could ask for, but he discovered there was something more. When he became a committed Christian during his years in the WWE it had to affect everything. Michaels reveals what it is like to be a man of faith in this unusual world and shares insights for all of us.

Wrestling For My Life Book

Growing up I LOVED watching WWE wrestling and I remember cheering on Shawn Michaels. Getting the chance to read the story of how his faith grew and changed him was so exciting for me! As I opened the book and read the forewords from Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, it was evident that not only did Shawn experience a change but that others saw that change in him. I immediately jumped into the book and could not put it down.

What’s In Wrestling For My Life?

Two Foreword’s (Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin)
Chapter 1: Feeling At Home
Chapter 2: From Bottom Up
Chapter 3: The Gift of Wrestling
Chapter 4: Grateful For Scars
Chapter 5: Leaving A Legacy
Chapter 6: Know Your Identity
Chapter 7: Stay True To Your Standards
Chapter 8: Aiming To Please
Chapter 9: Self-Discipline Brings Rewards
Chapter 10: “Be The Man”
Chapter 11: Power In Partnership
Chapter 12: Mentors Seek To Serve
Chapter 13: Freedom In Forgiveness

Wrestling For My Life Shawn Michaels

Shawn gets very raw (no pun intended) and honest with readers as he shares the struggles he did and currently goes through as he walks in his new life. I love that there is a strong christian element to this book, because it can be such an inspiration for those who have been through similar struggles (or any struggle) knowing they can change and that God accepts them no matter where they are at!

I love how open and honest Shawn is about the life, before Christ, he lived. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He shares exactly how he finally realized the life he was living wasn’t working and he needed to change, but could not do that without Christ. Shawn shares how his wife played a huge role in his change…even though she didn’t actively try to change him. Through the chapters Michaels shares his story, but his stories and life lessons are great for all of us reading. Just check out the chapter names above and tell me you if you wouldn’t learn a thing or two from them!

Wrestling For My Life: The Legend, The Reality, and The Faith of a WWE Superstar is a story that can really resonate with so many of us. Even if we didn’t go through the same things Shawn Michaels did, we have all been in the low places. I know this book will be something my teen boy will read and I know he will learn from it. Whether you are a WWE fan, love sports, or just want to read an inspirational book that makes you realize change can happen, then you will want to check out this book. Find it at Family Christian today!

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