Who’s Watching You? Role Model Importance

When I see these 3 faces looking at me every day I am constantly reminded that my decisions and actions are not just about me anymore.  Whether they want me to be or not I am my children’s role model, how I act and what they see in me is what will be part of the things that play a part in forming who they will become.  Sometimes I admit I haven’t been the best role model but the good thing is I work every day to change that and if I make a mistake I own it and teach my kids what not to do in those situations.

When I was growing up I have to say I had one of the best role models, well I still do.  My mother.  She is the epitome of strength and I soaked up all she had to offer.  I watched her and I knew (despite saying different, you know us kids can’t admit we want to actually be like our parent) I wanted to be like her when I had kids.  I wanted to be strong for my kids, show them to have faith even when it’s tough, to help them through hurts and celebrate the good times.  I had one heck of a role model growing up and even when grown my mom became even more of a role model  as I watched her gain more strength and faith through a time when most people would feel defeated.  To this day there is very little about my mom that doesn’t amaze me.

I hope my kids look back not just on the mistakes I have made as a parent, because there have been some, but rather look to the ways I tried to lead them and see me as I saw my mom.  I hope they realize that I did what was always thought was best for them and lived a life of integrity for them to see.  I hope they will look back and say thanks mom, for being who you were, because of that I am who I am.  And I hope they are happy when they say that.  Being a role model isn’t something a parent can choose, we get thrown into that job the minute we have a child.  So it’s imperative that we do what we need to do to help them be secure in who they are and make right choices.  I know my kids are watching all my choices and actions and because I love them so very much I will do what I can to be the best role model in their world!

The Milk Mustache campaign understands the importance of role models and have a fun way to show mom you care and say thank you for being a role model go check it out!  They understand we moms play a huge part in forming who are children will be when they grow up and how they feel about themselves.  We play a part in nutrition and the habits they will form by what we teach them now.  Part of that being a role model is definitely nutrition.  I want my kids to be healthy and we do our best to lead them that way.  Whether it’s a glass of milk as a beverage (with a little chocolate in it of course) or making them suffer through veggies at dinner, they will thank me later.   Being a role model is about everything you put into and take out of your child’s life as well as your actions.

And while you are busy being a role model, have a little fun with milk and take your very own “Got Milk” milk mustache picture and share it with Milk on their facebook page.  Your kids will have a blast, and I have a feeling you will get a little giggle out of it too!  Don’t forget to try some of the yummy recipes they have available as well!

Disclosure: “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the National Milk Mustache got milk? Campaign and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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