The Top 5 Festive Meals To Make This Christmas

Aside from seeing family, the presents and the festive spirit which is around during Christmas, a very important aspect of Christmas is the different meals which are eaten. Whoever the cook is in the house, this can be a stressful time for them. It can be such a hard problem to deal with; having to choose meals which are not only at a great standard but also which are able to please all different members of the family, whether these people are vegetarians or just fussy eaters.

Of course, there is the most famous and desired meal that it always eaten by nearly everyone during Christmas and that is the roast dinner, turkey, potatoes, vegetables, gravy, everything! It’s the time of year to go all out, not just your standard Sunday dinner. It is, every year, the top festive meal available. Of course there are then also the nibbles which come alongside the roast on Christmas day. Having such a filling main meal there is nothing better to eat during the rest of the day then small quick and easy snacks, for example sausage rolls, nuts and of course chocolate. Despite the fact that they may not be classed as a meal, festive snacks are still known as one of the top 5 Christmas meals.

Festive meals are not just eaten on Christmas day itself though. Having family and friends over during the build-up to Christmas and is a time to show off your skills in the kitchen. Lasagne is a well-known favourite when it comes to the festive period, the warm cheese helping to heat you up on those cold winter days. Another top festive meal that you cannot go without during Christmas is a fish main, salmon being very popular, whether that be in a fish pie or with cranberry sauce.

Cooking vegetarian dishes is a top choice for a meal after the amount of meat usually eaten over the Christmas period. Mushroom Wellington in a creamy spinach sauce, this year is a fantastic choice of meal, not too heavy for those who have already eaten too much over this time of year, yet delicious and filling enough to keep you from going hungry.

With every meal there has to be the dessert. The indulgent Christmas pudding, ice cream and cake, sticky toffee pudding, there are many different desserts, helping a host to satisfy everyone needs and desires.

With all of these meals you are having to buy to satisfy many people can seem as an expensive ordeal, as each item on your list adds up to an even higher price. Of course, it does not have to be as expensive as some people believe. With things such as discounts, offers and discount or voucher codes people are able to cook for less this Christmas. Whether your meals are ready made so that you do not have to spend too much time in the kitchen or if you are the kind of person to cook everything from scratch, it can be just as affordable as a normal food shop.

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